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Artist: Sway and King Tech f/ 
	Ahmad, Chali 2na, Crooked Eye, Kurupt, Mos Def
Album:  Wake Up Show Freestyles Vol. 5
Song:   New Intro 
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*All cuts by DJ Revolution*

"This is a revolution shoot"

"Let me show ya exactly how it's properly done"
"Sit  back and learn"
"Let me show ya exactly how it's properly done"
"And yes ya'll" "This for your own concern"
"Let me show ya exactly how it's properly done"
"Class is in session so you can stop guessin" [KRS-One]
"Let me show ya exactly how it's properly done"
"Lights, camera, action!"

They tryin to get us off the bat like heavy hitters
But my squad ain't goin for it, Charlie the Rainer is you wit us?
We upset it how you did us, laughin at em tryin to kid us
And vow to tear it up like Home Alone without the sitters
So the first one steppin up will be the first one I'm gettin rid of
While you fakin Al Capone, I make the hits like Frankie Nitta
Ya'll rappers gon' remember me, of course you can't forget, I'm from the west
Where we be battle-rappin off a doo-ah-ditta
Even Sway and Tech admit-a
Wake Up Show and skills, I never sleep, I never quit-a
The dopest, don't be bitter
Adopted a new motto: No retreat and no surrender
I'm the champ and I been lookin for the number one contender, like that

*Cut up* "The Wake Up Show" 

[Chali 2na]
No longer of thugs and pimps and style
What we continue the tension like the Simpson Trial
Wake Up Show, come to class just to pass the test
Or be on your deathbed, givin last request
Sway and Tech keep you listenin
Bringin hip hop discipline
Makin it hot, takin the plot from Lake Michigan
Fisherman been mature, suckers who miniature
That be faker than Cabbage Patch dolls without the signature
Witness your destruction, when I bust ten
Men die while the ink from my pen dry
Tryin to make ends by words not crack rocks
If raps are plane crash, my rhyme's the black box, like that

Raw dog for sure, paw core
Supposed to know that 
Golden paw, wha what wha what what!
Sway and Tech, wha what wha what what!
Yo, try me *nigga*, the new millennium came
I'm invincible wit my abdaminium frame
Deminigon, tenagon poetical pentagon
None silence, *mothafuckers* unbalanced
Get ya calicos, WAR? SURE
I heard a million MC's, ain't none raw
Kurupt spit brimstone, fire and magma
Magnums and multi-minis in multi-cities

"Let me show ya..."
"Let me show ya..."
"Let me show ya exactly how it's properly done"

[Mos Def]
Forward on the 2G's, yo I don't ease
My style's so deep it make the police freeze
Seize domestic and land overseas
From the hard Brooklyn to the breeze in Belise
Ya gotta give me mine, no "Can I applease"
Sway and King Tech keep green like palm trees
Transmitted globally, I'm Mos Def, you hopefully
Calm, ain't sayin much, they catchin nuts like a ovary

[Crooked Eye/Tech N9NE]
Light em up, blow em out, light em up
Sway and Tech, rider, Sway and Tee-zay
Crooked Eye's the don-datta
No worries, hacuna matata
A couple of verbal shots to hit your medula ablingalla
I'm Donald Goines character Kenyatta
On the Wake Up Show, beatin these rappers like a Tiajuana pinata
My ish, flip and kick like Jim Carter
From Bambatta to Crooked Eye, hip hop never die like Madonna
My rap receital is fact receital was Kane and Abel
Rock a rapper's cradle, even the ones signed to my label
Get broken, I'm open like the eyes of insomniacs
Standin on the corner, in big game hunters in Dodger hats

"Let me show ya exactly how it's properly done"
"Sway and Tech" [Guru]
"And of course"
"On production and the scratch" "DJ!" "Revolution"
"It's the Wake Up Show" "You SUCKAS!!!" [KRS-One]