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Artist: Sway & King Tech f/ Wu-Tang Clan
Album:  Wake Up Show Freestyle Vol. 4
Song:   Wu-Tang Part 2
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[Ghostface Killah talking]
Word up Wu-Tang
We gon' do this for y'all up in here real quick
Word up, that's my word know what I mean
Got my man Muggs in effect, right by my side know what I'm sayin'
That's my people right there
Word up, word up Big Prince yeah
Yeah dog bless that right there

From the lost and found villages, the rap Jesus Christ
Pender, ponder record might nail inside my right
It's who eye the vessel, chosen the rap slogan
Walk about the throne, royal black to be voguin'
The outcome forever when words are put together
Duck deep inside ya mind like Ludonna did to treasure
The map of Staten Island X marks the park hill
Bone you with skill, Donna business before pleasure
Niggas out for Donna then they wig gotta be measured
For guillotine and routine ya heard and never seen
Bloody mass murder situation unclean
Blindfold the rhythm, duck tape around the microphone
Weights are gettin' pushed back, heads are gettin' flown
Screams and yells, niggas is thristy for acapells
I meditate, coordination sparkle like a jewel
When I show articulation
The format of rap status, man show articulation
Down before the street and I ain't got no invitation
To a Wu-Tang concert, Killa Bee cookout
All pages due when I take my rap book out
I'm representin' for all my Gambino niggas, uh-huh

[Raekwon the Chef]
Hey yo, hey yo, hey yo detinate that
Detinate that pussy Massengill rap, cleanse that
The kids knife snatch collars off
Wile ridin' off
Float boat, big boys, Oakland A's stashed away blades
Venilation left the sharks animes
Something sheist like seven butcher knives
Rollin' rover style twice
Finger itchy like lice
Hair fell out, something to conquer
Stomp ya like that cat Blanka
Toy Tonka truck, ten carat on ya monster
Bring Rocky like fu-shick, motorize (Ahhh)

[Ghostface Killah]
Yo check it, check it, check it
Yo, yo, yo, yo, hey yo
We swindle, make moves
Peep gentle out the window
Flamingo, Santo Domingo, Lex Lingo
Bruce Wayne thinkin' graveyard rocks are swingin'
Multi-million, rap pavillion stay G'ing
All night, Mary Jane ventures, Bud Light
Cold production rights, spoke to Christ
Use Woolite
Statue heads all up in my lab like mag
Empty bags, a line in the yard well fed
Dead weight yo
Cable the clamp around the neck
Sucrets, fast corvettes, techs I'm a vet
Sabotage, rap motor large, Mickey caught a charge
Credit card scam, when he cry rock the Wu scarf
Televise the shit on Fox
Big Ghost'll grab the shit unfasten ya box
You're allergic to the fungus on Earth
Killa Bee headquarters is worth
Kadafi body in this turf yo
Shame on all y'all brothers on some Baywatch
Soundin' like me, suckin' my ss
Pretty tone, nicknamed the great Tony Atlas
Don't wanna come at this

[* Laughter *]