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Artist: Sway & King Tech f/ KRS-One
Album:  Wake Up Show Freestyles Vol. 5
Song:   KRS-One Freestyle
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Snitch ass here a quick class
I'm the blast master cause
I blast and whip ass
This will be over quick fast
Keep mixing it
Spitting it
Been in it, been in it
Like juice with gin in it
Chick, Chick, Jack pot we winning it
You talk that shit but you really illiterate
Talking shit like HEE HEE SSSSS
Sound out the word
Connect the noun with the verb
Stick with B-B-B-BR-Bird
Cause the battles up surd
Don't let these young kids
Yo suit that ass up
You'll get gased up
You gased up
You putting that ass up
I don't even see you in the new millennium
I see you like on VH-1
With Millie Ville and um
Talking about what you used to have
You're an abusive dad
What's so, so sad Cause I'm so, so death defining
Every time you say your dope that's false advertising
But its not surprising
You lying
You ain't no battle hog
What you got 1 demo against my 12-year catalog
Back up this is the Bronx in the house
Representing LA without no doubt