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Artist: Sway & King Tech f/ Contagious
Album:  Sway & King Tech Wake Up Show Freestyles Vol. 6
Song:   Contagious Freestyle
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Yo I conquer the earth, writin rhymes til my palm hurts
hit your mind wit a verse til you seeing stars like converse
the menace send this for the spinach the ghetto bastard
full metal jacket causin more racquet that tennis
my rhyme will get in your mind just like an image
your ceaser like teeth I take em out like a dentist
now let's say, you battle me on your best day
you still couldn't see me thru telescopes and x-ray
put you dead in your bread basket as of lead bastard
I spit acid blowin out mc's like head gaskets
I shred nigga move or lose his head backwards
swallowin mc's as if they were Sudafed tablets
living these "Wonder Years" like Fred Savage
Walkin the planet wit verbal havoc to spread havoc
I hit niggas in their shoulders
get in your mind like gingko bulova
call me the shrink niggas be looking gay wearin pink
g-strings up they little asses
dump em out like bud ashes
call me classious clay I never delay instant replay..