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Artist: Sway & King Tech (f/ Crooked I & Chino XL)
Album:  Wake Up Show Freestyles Vol. 6
Song:   Crooked I & Chino XL Freestyle
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[Crooked I]
I spit impossible rhymes
Full of philosophical lines
My phenomenal shine
Leave everyone our your opticals blind
Run you over when it's Apocalypse
I'm half man half diesel like Optimums Prime
Cocking this nine to pop ya
Permanente disfigurement have you rocking
Half a mask like the Phantom Of The Opera
Mach three is how fast I'll drop ya
Walk back to (??) the speed they clocked
You thought you had it win here
Like watching porno flicks with six chicks
I'm the hardest one in here
Straps on the New Year
We bust from every night's New Year
Cerebral hemisphere get blew here
It's really no need to cuss and fuss
Hope out of the bushes scratched up
From the brush and bust
I make the angriest atheist praise me, if not
He's fenna simultaneously pain of a shot
And I shake his pancreas
Maybe it's my instantaneous plots
The craziest emcee couldn't face me
If an alien gave him this thoughts
Kamikazes regulate
I strap a time bomb under my trench coat
And hug you till it detonates
I was brain washed by NWA and BDP
I'm the year 2000 version of the DOC
And when Crooked I spot these fake clicks
They better be able to dodge bullets like The Matrix or take six
I'm so onerous in dominant in prominent hip-hop conglomerate
On this Continent I'm bombing it
When Icon ill out
I spit out rhymes so offensive even Chino will tell me to chill-out

[Chino XL]
I don't care what nobody slits
Or what they kick
I punch them in the throat
And watch them choke like the Knicks
But why all these rappers want to rhyme like me
Your words should be like Jon B worships black ponani
And push me to the point
I wanna smack them yo
To try to steal my fans like Chico did to D'Angelo's
But if imitation were an asset
There will be nothing left of me but jewelry 52 teeth
And a belt buckle my skills are to die for
During writers block I still create this timeless lines of wisdom
Like they pass the lips of Buddha's
Who the sharp shooter that's claiming
That they gonna kill me
When they see me
(??) a hundred inch color TV
I'm all for the hezy
See that your record company done hired
Chino XL to come and repossess their deal back
I put the fly to your eye
Like Ethiopians starving
Life tedious task
You no longer have to take pardon
You shouldn't have start them
You done, done it
Go purchases a microscope to read the rappers
Names that won it
My brain deserve its own infomercial
For the how it thinks
You can't be safe by coping
Tae-Bo with Billy Blinks
I turn sins to rock
To the rhymes of the water drops