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Artist: Sway & King Tech f/ Chino XL
Album:  Wake Up Show Freestyles Vol. 6
Song:   Live Concert
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[Intro] [Chino talking]
Damn, where should I begin at? L.A. right?

Yo, what's the deal L.A.?
I'm the hottest latin entertainer since Ricky Martin is gay
I slash your grill so don't start me
You'll be the only entertainer with less groupies than Biz Markie
Check it out
I feel like the future literally
Cause its never been proven if any man alive is capable of seein' me
I'm he that walks the earth in infamy
XL, shittin' on niggas like Kool G Rap did all the cats in the first +Symphony+
It's all y'all get from me
Do over separately
Cause the best MC's always float to the top
Unlike the son of John F. Kennedy
Chi' forever be on Jersey live shit
Battle, you won't survive it
Brad Pitt wish he could trade sex lives with
Battle me, you'll win if we battle to see who's the brokest
I'm sicker than seeing Kelly Price doin' aerobics
Sicker than-
I'm sicker than finding out firsthand Jennifer Lopez can't fuck
I'm sicker than seein' Richard Pryor in his wheelchair doin' stand up
And what?!
I'm first, niggas told me to stay in my place
I still never met my match like my ass and Ma$e's face
Bust it
I got real ways to bring terror
So you better
Think twice about fuckin' around with me like you see Tia and Tamera
Or avoid me totally
Or consider with caution
Similar to deciding whether or not to drink after Magic Johnson
I squash and hunt men with David Carradine Tai Kung-Fu
The rappers I'm writing rhymes for should be writing rhymes for you
I'm on a lyrical plateau, rappers are be-low
Aliens go on Geraldo and claim to be abducted by Chino
Your favorite tough-guy-hero-gangster-rapper are bitches to me
I'm rarely seen
Loch Ness and Big Foot take pictures of me
I pillage with wild rogue criminals
Since Indian villages I've been battlin' rival tribes with smoke signals
I'm colossal
With the gothic, gossip gospel
God will win awards and thank XL for makin' all things possible
I'm the philosophical thug until I stop breathin'
I was so ahead of my time, my parents still are in diapers and teethin'

I'm out yo! One love Wake Up Show, Wake Up Show! Baow! Baow!

Give it up Chino XL!