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Artist: Sway & King Tech f/ DMX, Onyx
Album:  Wake Up Show Freestyles Vol. 6
Song:   Onyx and DMX
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[Sway & King Tech]
Revolution on the ones and twos
Come on let's do this
Onyx, DMX on the Wakeup Show
Come on

Word up, we in the zone yo
Word up we bout' to flex
Sonsee yo, yo, yo
Verbally shot down, beat up, burnt up and sizzled
I rock microphones, ya know it's me I shoot like missle
Freestyle, meanwhile we in L.A.
No doubt kid, hit em' in the place
If he get too fly, yes yes y'all
Ya comin' down, we gon' bring down the wall

[Fredro Starr]
Yo wake up, time to break up what what
Since you last in the cut raise it up
No doubt, blow em' all out
Official now, sinkin' em' out, it's all bounce
Shake for ya head to leave you headless
Eyes with redness
Spray rap cats with burnin' lead tips
Point blank range, take aim
Blow ya brain out the frame
Out to touch, spit this musical structure
Yo, yo this is a lyrical destructure
Path of disaster breaks mass
Comin' at ya from blasts
Catch ya, caught ya last
Huff like asthma
I couldn't care less
You approachin' they death
My own lyric politic with the feelings
The devil himself, revel in himself
Shots in America
Assassinate ya character
Slaughter ya
Twenty-one holes in ya Nautica
What, what, what
Yo, yo, yo

[Sway & King Tech]

Uh, check it out y'all
Check it out, check it out, check it out y'all
Check it out y'all, check it out y'all
Check it, check it, check it, check it
I thank the Lord everyday that I'm blessed with the gift
I'm the best so unless you wanna mess with the stiff
Don't touch that, uh-uh leave it alone
When you walk past the doghouse leave it a bone
Dogs bite, dogs fight, dogs light
Scratch, shake and hold all night
So when you hear that arf-arf start runnin'
Cause when ya hear that arf-arf I'm comin'
I don't like drama so I stay to myself
Keep focus with this rap shit and pray for the wealth
I want the money, give me the honies with big asses
The most expensive champagne you got in big glasses
First I'ma bash his head wide open
Beggin' me to stop but at least he's wise open
Didn't gethis wish now he's a dish for the pack
Two glowin' red eyes, everything else black

[Sticky Fingaz]
Yeah and that's DMX, know what I'm sayin'
Official yes, official yes yo
Now Sticky Fingaz mad man, tear down stages
Ain't nobody dead or alive can get with me and my rages
Throw a clip in the gat, I'm sick of the yap
I'm ready to bust a cap, it can happen
And killas will get hit that's a rappin'
My itch, will cap you up and get you blasted
Closed casket, I'm the bald-headed bastard
Black dust gave me black lungs, I pack guns
I'm used to action like doctor bullets reaction
Blaze the mack ten, show gun
I can spot the sheisty villains
Cause it takes one to know one
Remove my mask and reveal myself
If I was you, yo I would kill myself

Hey yo, I got this date
Full swing mic attackin'
Makin' big stackin'
My brain is always packin' a plan
To be pursuin' newer things that I'm doin'
Hit ya with the zing
Bada-boom bada-bing
Spine is tingling
Ring it up at ya register
Sweat you can edit mister ding ding
Come out fightin' recitin'
What I'm writin' for ya uh like it
Cause I'm a supremecist, grimicin' the menace
The optimistic, pessimistic, guess the rest of it