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Artist: Sway & King Tech f/ Supernatural
Album:  Wake Up Show Freestyles Vol. 6
Song:   Supernatural Freestyle
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Yo emcees speaking of emcees
We gonna play this game
Were we gonna throw out words &
You know anybody in the room Peace
You can try to trip him up to y'all probably do this all the time
Peace probably got some secrets we don't know about
We gonna throw out phrases and Supernat is gonna rhyme with them

[King Tech]
Yo man I need a pen man

Here you go Tech
The first one is 'b-boys'

I say 'b-boys' I love 'em a lot they blow the spot
Windmills & hand skills yo they do all that
Freaking the format 'b-boys' one time they never faking
Does the B stand for Boys or does the B stand for Breaking
Money making the way that they rock
Brotha ya I'm hard like eleven can't forget about the classic Kool Rock Steady
Yeah I grad the microphone and break like eggs I call on the agility and DNA
Of Crazy Legs couldn't you tell the way that I rock & shootin the gift
Pioneer of the 'b-boy' splits yo his name is Conswifts shootin the gift
Got a flow for those that did not know the cat from Italy spinnin on his head named
Maricio 'b-boys' around the world yo its time to unite
What is a 'b-boy' without an emcee rockin the mic
Couldn't you feel that?
Yeah Supernatural loves to rock at you never stump me never trip me up
With any topic

[King Tech]
Kool Hurk, Kool Hurk

'Kool Hurk' Yeah
Every time why should I bother 'Kool Hurk' he was the godfather
Yeah never dis him we should reenlist him he came all the way
From Jamaica and made the sound system with the bass bottoms
Up in the Bronx started to rock 'em 'Kool Hurk' was the godfather
Of it and he could spot them
Yeah I grad the microphone and I'm well connected
And little shorties when you see 'Kool Hurk' he gets respected
Yeah Hurculoids yeah couldn't you understand when I do work
He was one that named Kool DJ, Kool DJ Red Alert
Put his name on it then blew the flame on it
'Kool Hurk' I tell you what he wrote the bible and the game on it
All the emcees in hip-hop need to know how he is
And if you don't know how he is then you don't know where you live
And if you don't know where you live you'll never find your way home
'Kool Hurk' wearing the crown yo the king of the thrown

Famous, famous hip-hop battles

'Famous hip-hop battles' sawed off of Seattle
Yeah off of the dome one time that I can see
Yeah Double Trouble when they battled yo Busy Bee
In the Ampa Theater yeah brotha like a major flavor
Started to rock like this when I started to rhyme
Yeah Kool Hurt & Sunshine
Now I got tripped up one time brotha in side the mind
Now to the battles yeah right back to the topic you see
One of the most famous battle was me & Craig G
Going head to head that's what I said one time its real in the
New music seminar when I battled Mad Skillz
Yo you know the deal yeah
Now my mind does expand can't forget KRS-One when
He battled MC Shan
Got a pray the Bridge Is Over
Yeah you know with Supernat now my mind yo is back on track excuse me for that
Yo that trip up was kinda wack now let me see which more battles in my head
I can spit like that Cold Crush yeah brotha all of the time
Battling the Fantastic Four yo spittin their rhymes
Charlie Chase up in your face every time that I blast one of the famous lyrics
By Grandmaster Cash whip a whip startin to flip yo
Taking its course can't forget about the ultimate So Sonic Force
Yeah come with it yo brotha as I hum with it put on the drums with it
Yeah as I rhyme to the track famous battles by Supernat
Yeah when I rhyme I'm sorry that's the only battles
I can remember that this time

Zulu Nation, Zulu Nation

Yeah every time I rock up in the jam
Can't forget African bands hip-hop godfather
Yeah show no fear with the Zulu's in the back holdin
20 Zulu spears
Yo surround the perimeter like his name was Shaka
Supernatural grab the mic a real hip-hopper
'Zulu Nation' back in the days that's what we be
Cats put don the gats and started to pick up beats
Yeah of the weed inside the jams doing spins
Yeah couldn't you tell 'Zulu Nation' was in?
Yeah right and exact yo this is true it's all on you
Ai yo I gotta scream ZULU

Some of the rules of hip-hop

Some of the rules of hip-hop
One of the first rules is never cut the mic cuz when you cut
Enough and all of that and if you sound wack but when
You hold it like this it sounds right ain't that tight
One of the second rules is never bite
Yeah step up to the microphone and always share a site
One of the third rules is always keep your calm in a
Battle and when you keep our calm then you let lyrical bombs
The fourth rule yeah always bring it from the top
When you freestyling if you ain't bringing it from the top
You ain't freestyling you sayin some that's written that
You callin a free yeah if you wanna learn the free then come to me
Yeah one of the fifth rules yeah when you step up to the mic inside
Of the studio don't curse when you get busy with your flow
Many emcees out there right there don't know
If I'm lying then I'll tell you what my noise will grow
And I'm not Pinocchio so just keep on listening with disciple
I command the crowd like I'm Orlando Calrisican
Now which one of the next rules catchen wreck
Always rock a hard rhyme when your Sway & Tech
Yeah take it from the head to the street
And I always blow heat on your pussy ass beat
Remember me yeah brother I love to rock a
Incredible superlyricisum what's the next topic

[King Tech]
Eminem, Eminem

Yeah one time brotha
Like Mcathers I switch up and change like Marshall Matters
The way that I can rock it brotha yo inside the stadium
You can say that my style is worth more than a platinum
Or Zinc of gold yeah I'm taking control
Remember him I'm looking at the Rap Pages and it got
Eminem on the front of the Magazine
Yo you know its fat somebody call Rap Pages and tell 'em
To put Supernat on the front and it would read
World's greatest freestyleer Worlds greatest mind
World's greatest illist world's grestest rhyme
All at the same time I can buy yeah
In the stage than I flip in the magazine
An look at the page yeah one time as far as I can see
Eminem grabbing the mic yo came talk to me
One time I flip a free yo straight off the dome
Supernatural actual digital rockin the microphone

Neanderthal Man

Neanderthal Man you know that's its great
Its no escape Neanderthal man yo resembles an ape
Freaking the sound with his knuckles dragging the ground
Yeah hands all hairy yeah that's what I said
You can hear him coming while he got the ponytail of his woman
Dragging her on her back write and exact
Showing no love written hieroglyphics carrying a club
See I'm not Neanderthal yeah its automatic
See I didn't come from the cave yo brotha I'm Asiatic
Its automatic yeah brotha I get sporadic
I plug the microphone and continue to do
Acrobatics like Captain Caveman its will get scary
Cross my path man situations hairy
Vocabulary is necessary a bionic b-boy up on the microphone
That's always legendary

[King Tech]
Dam my man is kill it
We gotta give him a round of applause

Hold up, hold up Tech
Hold up, hold up
He on the Wake Up Show he ain't done yet
We gonna throw a few more words

[King Tech]
Give him some water or something man

He don't need no water

Super dope aquatic with a flow see water
Yeah one time understand it 95% of the planet is
Made up of it and I love it
I drink yo 8 glasses a day it helps me yo brotha
To proceed with my free now as I'm coasting
Put the mic in slow motion
I'm a jump off land and take a trip under the ocean
(Starts rapping like he's underwater)
Yeah unplug the microphone don't understand
I swallow H-2-O I gotta get back to land from
Fish to man when the microphone is in my hand
Busy they incredible lyrics I always got a plan
For you right their homeboy if you did not know
Sway that was a flow about H-2-O

Pythagorean Theorem

Pythagorean Theorem yeah I grab the microphone
One time and I hear 'em yeah I grab the microphone
And break it on and serve I'm ain't even gonna front I ain't
Never heard of that word Pythagorean theorem yeah brova
Yo its slayed up I know you tried to play cause that's something that
You made up yo I grab the microphone and break you like you eat up
One time brotha just like that rhyming on the track yeah I take your mind
Up on a mission I'm a go home and grab the dictionary and find the
Definition and come back next week yeah brotha and combined on it
And when I come back yo I'll have a rhyme on it

[King Tech]
Wake Up Show, Wake Up Show

Yeah one time you didn't know
Now I gotta end it with its thing on the Wake Up Show
For everybody out they're in the world that loves to flow
Yeah you got to come up here to the Wake Up Show
And let me tell you why because the Wake Up Show
Always rocks with Sway & Tech always representing
Real hip-hop yeah you take this in escape
But then use it as a drop when you put
It on the radio it will make all the radios
Go pop yeah glad to meet you theirs a senorita
Named Carmalita Supernatural gets mad then he
Pulls the four-fifth heater yeah I could treat you when I rock
It like that the way that I rotate your 360 degrees on the track
It's the beach y'all the b-b-beach y'all
From the head to the lyrics all the way to the street y'all
And West Coast yo they holding it down
Yeah brotha everybody they loving the sound
Sway & Tech thanks for 2 guys like you
Brothers that studied the art and always stayed true
Yeah every time yo I know for a fact I'll always come back
Remember this yo man Supernat
Now instead of playing the old tape for a little a while
You start playing this tape you gotta a new freestyle
And let everybody hear it while I'm catching wreck
A lyric that I rock like this on Sway & Tech