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Artist: T-Bone f/ KRS-One
Album:  Gospel Alpha Mega Funky Boogie Disco Music
Song:   Gospel Alpha Mega Funky Boogie Disco Music
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[Intro: KRS-One]
Yeah, Comin at you again
Ha, KRS-One, Ha ha


T-Bone, Yo, Yo, You know what time this is
Ha, They ain't ready, Ha, What they sayin, What they sayin now?
Look at em, Ha, Sit down, Yeah, Here we go now
Cmon, Cmon

[Verse 1: T-Bone]
It's the return of the boney bone
Pahtnas trippin cause they dippin in they lincoln plus they pimpin sittin on chrome
But we bringin you that gospel sound
That makes you wanna boogie woogie, Move ya body around
Whether you're crips, Bloods, Pimps, Thugs
It don't matter pahtna, I know you're feeling this mug
Gospel rap wit a gangsta twist in the mix like a blender
These funkadelic sounds make ya wanna get down
We keep it bumpin from the clubbin to the church, Got 'em dumpin
Even gangstas be lovin the sounds that mr. chase is dumpin
Give ya somethin that ya never heard
2010, Gangsta beats wit the holy word
So get down cause we came here to make ya move
Boogie woogie oogie and feel the groove
So relax to the way, Feel the beat and get down
To this gospel alpha mega funky boogie disco music sound

[Chorus 2X: T-Bone]








Nothin but the ghost in me
Super groovalistic hits ya see
It goes...

[Verse 2: KRS-One]
Yo, Yo, Rush them T-Bone, Let's rush these kids
We open them lids, We don't talk no fibs
They talk pure lie about how christ live
Everybody know that impress young kids
But look what they done did to count one hundreds
Because they fronted, Now we all hunted
The devil's a liar, Everybody know how we truly live
I put it on record to prove we did
What the uzi did, That's for the uzi kid
No need to bust them guns like Ruby Ridge
But that's not really what the music is
You wanna be classic like I Love Lucy is
But you'll never be sayin what you'll do me, Kid
I'm like a broadway play, You where the movie is
You'd rather diss us? Well, Then drink ya fizz
KRS, T-Bone, Yo, You know what this is

Chorus 2X

[Verse 3: KRS-One]
I used to be scared of the devil
Now I throw blows to the devil
God exists on another level
Whatever they call back to the raw rap
Whatever the law that, We applaud that
The devil we ignore that, Never the lower level whore rap
But the higher level godcore rap
Unique, Speak got you sayin I never saw that
Now, Fall back, KRS, T-Bone, We all that

I'm still reachin through preachin and speakin teachin
I don't need every weekend, But each and everyday I'm breathin
And to add a season, Believin the reason these demons
Is leavin, Ceasin, And not retrievin is me, Cause the name of jesus that I be screamin
Make ya wanna holla, Pop ya colla
You didn't know dawg? You listenin to a rap scholar
But I never got a's or d's
I'm from the west, Where we only got b's and c's
G's and d's, Infested wit this gang disease
PCP, And rydas quick to pull and squeeze
Oohwee, Who'dve thought east and west
Cursed or blessed, The boney bone and krs

Chorus 4x

[Outro: T-Bone]
Uh, Ha ha ha ha, This one right here goes out to all the critics
All the hatas out there who said KRS-One and T-Bone couldn't put it down
Y'all know how we do, Y'all know how we rock microphones
Gospel hip hop forever, Y'all know how we do
Givin glory to the king of kings and lord of lords