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Artist: Talib Kweli f/ ALBe. Back, Black Thought, Rah Digga
Album:  Gravitas
Song:   Art Imitates Life
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[Intro: Black Thought - echoing]
Uhh, uh-huh
Pardon me, uh, yeah
Uh, tell 'em what it is, yeah

[Black Thought]
Let's toast to paid mortgages, lastin marriages
Tina Farris's pay King to Paris is
livin long, makin my kids heirs and heiresses
The family crest, the legacy, the heritage
I'm out of Philly where the extasy and syrup is
And we don't need Theraflu, we need therapists
Them never-endin pursuit of them dead presidents
is the reason I got the band back together bitch!
Yeah, it's me and spawn, and his G in Tron{?}
North side, Bomb Squad, Eric Vietnam
If you don't see it like I see it then you see it wrong
We October 3rd niggaz like me and Kwe'
Life got me in a state on the interstate
And all I'm thinkin 'bout is what's up on my dinner plate
Meanwhile I make your girls hyperventilate
Probably cause I live the kind of life art imitate

[Chorus: ALBe. Back]
That's my art in your eyes, my life in your hands
We livin next door to the awkwardness again
Pardon me fam (pardon me fam)
But I'ma show you how it is, I'ma show you how we get it in
Art in your eyes, life in your hands
We livin next door to the awkwardness again
Pardon me fam (pardon me fam)
But I'ma show you how it is, I'ma show you how we get it in

[Talib Kweli]
Welcome the god, fourth mass like anonymous
Passport pimpin like I'm goin outta town to flip
The asphalt simmer with the cops hoppin out of whips
Bath salt niggaz with the zombie apocalypse
I'm blessed cause my afterlife is the studio
This rapper's life a +Gangsta's Paradise+ like I'm Coolio
That's what a few believe like a doobie roll
We off of that Patrón, we sippin the Don Julio
You talkin shit? We don't need the chatter
Opinions are like assholes, not everybody fecal matter
Still they strainin to push it out, put they foot in they mouth
That's when I'm lettin the Brooklyn out when they pull it out
They better let it off cause we set it off
The music that's creatin a movement like it's December 4th
Threw away the dark meat but they ate the white
Animated like "A Scanner Darkly", that's my wicked life
It imitate my life...

[Chorus] - first 1/2

[Rah Digga]
Yo, y'all keepin it 3 hun'ned, we keepin it 360
Comin full circle echelon don MC's with me
Tired of sayin I'm the best, I won't waste another breath
Heard lyrics comin back, I say it never left
Y'all just catchin up, so slow to come around
Ice-T gave ya cliff notes, I ain't gotta dumb it down
Cause I read the book, made the movie and I edit this
All while I be livin it, and set the precedence
And get the presidents, fuck all the chit-chat
Might hear the click-clack, and I'ma diss back
Married to the game, get the rice out, riff-raff
Nice bein self-employed, ain't gotta kiss ass
I ain't gotta slim fast, smack a hoe with a love handle (bitch!)
Dare you to say you ain't a fan boo
Roll the bamboo
Life imitatin art, imitatin life, show you how the fam do