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Artist: Travis Porter f/ New Boyz
Album:  Call You (S)
Song:   Call You
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

They all the same she said we all the same dub 100
I ain't down with all the games I'm a actually call you
baby tell me can I call you she said you don't pick up
I said I'm gon pick up if I ain't busy I'm a hit you
we can all get up again I'm a actually call you baby
tell me can I call you

[Verse 1]
I ain't lyin when I say that I'm gon hit you up
watchu doin lata maybe I can pick you up
she say don't come over here if all you tryna do is fuck
whatever happens, it happens and she said "good lawd"
you must be special cus I don't usually remember names
and she say "shut up nigga cus you jus runnin game"
I'm tryna tell ya you can swing my way
I take ya out and we can kick it everyday


[Verse 2]
She told me every nigga that she mess with hit it then they left quick
That's why she ain't believe me when I said that I am different
but baby girl I'm different don't have to keep yo distance
most of the guys be slackin on ya but I am persistent
up in a-t-l-a-n-t-a most of the girls be into me
but it's okay I only want you so I stay low-key
and I get a place that you can come thru
and we can get it on said I'm a promise that I call you
but have my fingers crossed

[Verse 3]
She said "jerk let's kick it" kick?... we can do this (okay)
she called me real quick and said "sup boo were you at?"
naw I'm at the studio but shit dats fine right now I'm kinda busy
but hit me back 'round nine Candy and Brittany Tiffany and Neice
both text messages talking bout that they miss me (forreal?)
cus they know I'm a mu'fuckin differenter (forreal?)
And I can lock these girls down like a prisoner


[Verse 4]
She said I kno yo type I said yea is that right
you the type that one night and ain't never gon wife
ohhh... and ya'll was looking shocked
when she said that I think she was tryna see where my head at
so I saved her under "California Nicki" and when I'm in yo city
baby girl we can kick it now I'm chillin with shitty
and we saucin that whippy
I called up Nicki said baby let's get it

[Verse 5]
See it's boom boom clap boom boom clap shawty like me
Ben J like that you see me
and you crack I see you and you flat
and then we in the back go girl get it like that
I'm surprised now with shawty with my life style
light-skin yellow-bone bad chick super grown
I'm a go... go hard like she want me to do
but really seein you girl I'm a actually call you (Ben J)