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Artist: Terror Squad
Album:  The Album
Song:   War
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[ VERSE 1: Triple Seis ]
Yo, I'ma lay the law with A.K.'s or metaphors
Make way for the ghetto roar, these days I set it off
Y'all hardcore, that's why I batter you all
Shatter they jaw, batter the core to make a fad ???
Terror Squad to my death, tombstone on my chest
With the chrome in the vest, alone or with T.S.
I'ma rep it, I'm a Dominican, now you accept it
It's like you seen death and chose the Lord as the shepherd
You sceptical, niggas on the block ain't respectin you
Checkin you, ain't gonna stop when they deckin you
Who gon' dock you? I'm comin at you like a tackle
To leave a personal scar in your chest like a tattoo
Seis'll clap you, put your dick in the dirt
Click at a herb when I spit a clip and rip through your shirt
I'm the worst of the beast, put my work on the streets
Do the work with the heat, don't make me burst through your meat

I kill alive for my twin
Bust ill and do the time for my twin
Trust that it's real
And he'll be at my side at the end
I got guns that'll silence your men
We bust off and let the [violence] begin
Aight then

[ VERSE 2: Triple Seis ]
Yo yo, Seis come off with a thunderous start
Punish niggas from the heart, rip a niga from the sparks
Of the glizze, leave a nigga clapped on _Rap City_
I'm strapped with the Mac milli, you wack as ???
It ain't hard to scrap, my Squad's the vanguard of rap
Love to guard your back in the biz, the triz in the back
Flamboyant, never givin a slack
I jam joints when I live on a track
Ran point when they gave me the Mac
I'm on fat, never lack the realness
I sing that B.J. ( *sirens* ) killer ill shit
And still rock a nigga, I'm out to be real rich
You feel this, shaper than a tooth pain
Double-deuce pain
My verse take aim, blow your fame
With a burst of flames
Ain't nothin changed, I die in this game
Take the stand and the blame for my man
I carry the name revenge
Terror Squad in begets carved on my chain

Terror Squad
Triple Seis, baby
Up and comin, son
I'm comin for all that shit, son
The crown and all that
I rep N.Y. - the Boogie Down, baby
L.V., R.C.
[Name] Crew
Terror Squad, baby
This is how we do
1-9-9-9, baby
Triple Seis backwards
Feel it

We gon' ride nigga, ride nigga, ride nigga
You gon' die nigga, die nigga, die nigga