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Artist: Terror Squad
Album:  True Story
Song:   Yes Dem to Def
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Yo Crack how many times I gotta keep tellin this *censored*
That you the true king of ????
I been tellin this niggaz for years and years and years man
Sick of this motherfucker
You Joey Cracker Don Cartegena
Cook Coke Crack Man
You ain't nothin to fuck with him
Let this *censored*

[Verse 1]
You sicker then conflict this convicts
Back at it again, nope
Crack 's head of the game, no
Got some new shit for you fiends to smoke
Cook Crack **** dope so
I'm here to suply ya
Heard that couple of you rappers wanna retire (suck)
First of all this is me, yes
Joe Crack I'm a fuckin TS
I'm the only one thats realy from the streets, yes
Bump through any hood with no police no west, yes
Ten mill, pump deal no stress
Want your casket comb come and see TS, yes

[Bridge] *Joe talking*

[Verse 2]
So mutch talkin the throne that who is holdin it
Heard about a new king of the streets and started calmin it
All I see was studios and con services
Nothin but I be hearin outcome this rap verses-ists
He ??? my Southern slang
I picked up on the accent there in my Southern slang
In fact I picked up a whole sudden game
And picked up a few producers that make the beat go BANG
Kill it
Hot damn and then we get in the game
The beat novakane the streets weak hopin and prayin
MC's built to this, little speak, mo pain
Sua pressure eye brow y'all fuckin say
To the boys who make their time listen my name
Third page obituarys all attention you gain


[Verse 3]
Joe Crack's the piece who ***** should you wake up
If its beef we shootin first to say break up then make up
Got the world on extra sound curtesy in Jacob
Sky blue pen that match the fan that'll fix your face up
Had to switch the flow I'm on the Nile here comes the change up
Matter fact cats be next round this and that ni???

Suckers.....kill it
Things of that nature thats the solo LP
We on a Terror Squad moment right now True Story
You know that
Remi Martin, grand champions
Prospect, Armageddon, Tony Sunshine, Cool & Dre
LV, yeah, big macho L-Boogie
Here come the champs
Here come the champs