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Artist: Teyana Taylor
Album:  From a Planet Called Harlem
Song:   Swagg
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]
16 already push the range rove
my CEO made the whole world change clothes
now we got the whole hood riding skateboards
doin tricks like (oh oh oh) yep antiques, y-3's
and them ice-cream's uh-oh
uh-oh yeah I think they like me
cause I'm so on fly like the birds be
you didn't heard me?
I keep the beat bump-bumpin til yah head hurt
keep yah back jerking now dats hard work
just remember baby where you heard it first and that's right chea
they heard this record and they thought I gone postal we'll I'm loco
You know so
I'm global you local come on now

[Chorus: x2]
It's gotta swag to it kinda gotta swag to it
It's gotta swag to it kinda gotta swag to it
It's gotta swag to it just a lil swag to it
It's gotta swag badaboom

[Verse 2]
You ain't even gotta ask I ain't even gotta brag
once a week in the mall spending money poppin tags
tying rags around our neck yeah I'm bad
you know what's next billionaire babes clothes (oh oh oh)
got my vans on and they look like vans
canaries in my ear to match what's on my hand
graffiti on the wall ya'll betta understand
said ya'll betta understand
when they hear me they be like "yeah me too"
dats why I call them other broads "ms. me too"
cause they don't skateboard through the city like we do
we move, breeze through
like preferably I be dressed better than all yah broads
fresher than everybody(yessirrr) cause I'm a trendsetter
I'm known for spending cheddar
you hating on me never ever ever

[Chorus x2]