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Artist: Truck Turner
Album:  Who Am I 12"
Song:   Who Am I
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[Intro: Truck Turner, ".." cut and scratched by DJ Premier]
Yeah "Truck" haha Primo
"Truck Turner bring it"
Aha...Truck Turner baby
"Truck..Truck...bring it"
Aight y'all...yeah...aha..
"Yo fuck that.." "..bring it"

[Verse 1: Truck Turner]
Who name ring bells to 60 from 12 to 12
Legend has it when he piss he put out the fires in hell
Plus rock well honeys wanna fuck him for free like Akinyele
Threw cocktails through niggaz window if my glock fell
Who be the man layin' full on his back plus his gat
Crack a forty pimpslap a hoe for only his cash relax
Oh when it's time to flip just send a track
Get ya hiccup on the wifey and still have time to hit that
WHO AM I? That big nigga Truck known to get buck
Shake shit up, if DB break shit up
WHO AM I? A nigga that's never given' a fuck
If you take it there I be waitin' with bullets to spare
WHERE AM I? Uptown originate from Bucktown
Fly ladies from BK to the BX get struck down
WHAT AM I? Like this is how the streets made me
Rugged and crazy, shady when niggaz don't pay me
WHO AM I? I told you it's Truck
WHAT AM I? I done you be trust
WHERE AM I? Behind you, ready to bust
WHY AM I? Not Big Poppa but Ready To Die
I hope you ready to fry, I'ma send you to hell
You men's gone by you side with one in the eye
Gun on my tigh, you frontin' but why?
Did somebody tell you Truck gon' bust his gun catch your body and lie
Then fuck your shorty a slide drink a forty get high
WHO AM I? I told you Truck Turner
YOU 'BOUT TO DIE when I put the clip in the burner
In a rush, pass me the keys to the truck, get caught
Dummy up, you snitch? And get all bloody'd up
These niggaz actin' up fuck a driveby back it up
Givin' niggaz a choice, either die or pack it up, what

[Hook: Truck Turner] [2X]
Trucky baby hold yo weight get them papes, ahh
Do your thang keep your gun on your waist, what
In this game ain't no room for mistakes, nah
Tell your dogs get the fuck up off the gate now

[Verse 2: Truck Turner]
Acquirin' mine all know who that cat with the fo'fo' mentally loco
Skin dark and in coco got your neighborhood in a chokehole
Even my dame guess when I'm broke yo, don't give up the shine
Or be in the hospital with the postal
WHO AM I? A nigga that's wanted for homicide
Always ready to ride aim steady ain't patty, you high
I seek and destroy your fake vibe
This shit we make live, out of eight I spit five
And save three for extra's who wanna face me
WHAT AM I? A pirat through the heart you catch a slug
Through the heart been on the low for a while
But now I'm due to start through dirt
Cops pursue us we escaped through the park
While they searchin' for us we at the crib laid back
Jewels off chillin' laughin' Hennessy spillin'
Lettin' the buddha spark, pirats we rule this all
WHERE AM I? You never know, I could be the one
Lettin' go the slugs from the fo' fo' through your dole
Straight to your hole, sendin' a message to ya yo
Nigga you next don't give a fuck who you know
Niggaz thugged out up in the studio, yellin' Truck's my man
But never knew me though you're straight booty yo
WHY AM I? Don't ask me that shit you know why, I
Spit clips like I said niggaz softer than my bitch tits
Dead on niggaz I lift lips leave imprints
Slugs flash burn and stick like hot pricks
Niggaz must be high like 747's
When Truck launch rockets like you don't cop it
Watch it crash and burn to remind you not shit
And I'm the hot shit that wrong nigga you got with
Never kill a nigga unless I'm makin' the profit
The price is right I'm makin' the profit
When the smoke cleared you be dead
When money get shot with, now you know
Who I am, what I do, where I be, why I do it
And let guns that cock fluid, crews I run through it
Drama? I'm into it, Truck did it? Couldn't prove it
Now brag about it in my music
What's my game, what's my aim, what's my claim?
Why I came, why niggaz done fame, what's my name?

[Hook] [2X]