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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ E-40
Album:  Everready: The Religion/25 to Life (Video Game)
Song:   Jellysickle
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[Intro: Tech N9ne]
All you haters stop!
Whew! Man
This beat is uh (what?)
Rick Rocker!
Jellysickle, yo

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
They hate it when you bubble
See 'em in they huddles always making trouble (What? Who?)
Jealous fellas man
Fall up in the spot and from the jump they don't like me
Hat to the back and I'm fellin' real hyphy
Imma star so im in with the belly pistol
That's cause the haters be sucking on jelly sickles
That mean the cycle of jealousies real thick man
I'm feeling its bout to pop off real quick man
But I ain't trying to have the fedas come and pinch me
Cause he's plotting on my cheddar on my minske
Never tempt me the grench so you better
never let another nell nother fella come against me
Off in Missouri its jelly sickle city jealousy
watching and it ain't the right stare, nightmares
Don't let me go and rock the red spiked hair
They hate it when I do that right there (Right Thurr!) Yeah

Take a lick of this
(Jelly sickle sickness)
To much will make you sick
(You acting like a trick bitch)
Take a lick of this
(Jelly sickle sickness)
Jelly sickle sickness
(Stop acting like a trick bitch)

[Verse 2: E-40]
Quit bumping your gums park your tongue keep a real pimp game up out your mouth
If I get on your line and dump two on your spine like it a 80's drought
I'm about that Valley Jo
Po Po be throwing tantrums
Cause I live up on a hill with a view on a acre in a big white who white mansion
I be all up in the dirty
Where they cook them fried turkeys
Be up in Houston with Mike Jones and Paul Wall
You want that fast quota
I want that slow nickle
Everything I got I worked for so quit hating on me nigga
Look at the trees, look at the sky, look at the moon
Look at these keys, look at my ride, imma tycoon
From the land of the gangsters and pimps and hustlers
Where a hundred will get you three hundred dollars worth of poppers
Every time I look around
Every time I look around somebody done peeped my style
Wanna smile in my face and take my place
hate but it ain't gone be no way no how, wow, I'm lit like a candle
And they hating cause I'm hot like a left sink handle

[Hook] - 2X

[Verse 3: Tech N9ne]
Look at how that jelly trickles
Down his elbows
And you can smell those
Playa haters from Calabassas to Melrose
During his jail polls
And knocked him out of his shell toes?
When I walk into the spot them suckas sucking on them sickles
Hate to see me shining get to tripping when they off they ripple
I get these rappers dripping jelly to the third degree
Most of them in my city never know me but yet they heard of me
At the BET awards chilling with the Federation
never forget the woman at the door giving
Away the shoes didn't really want me to have 'em
Man I had a ticket I had to grab 'em
Come to find out I was in a rhyme bout a couple years ago
Here's the blow cause I rake up dough
She was one of the women I left behind up at the wake up show
Congratulate me cause I'm a go getta
For sho hitta E-40 and Nina some flow spitter's
But that don't mean you gotta hate
Jealousy's a sickness
Take another lick Mitch
(You actin' like a trick bitch)

[Hook] - 2X