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Artist: Tech N9ne f/ E-40, Krizz Kaliko
Album:  Special Effects
Song:   No K
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Inside joke is outside now

No K?
Just another way me and my crew say, "No way"
Or "It's not okay" when I got the bottles pay
And somebody you don't know that wanna swallow say
"I don't got no grip but want a sip." No K
"Can I take yo blunt right to my lips?" No K
Broke ass always begging me that's No K
You don't understand then bitch, no way
See you ballin', gotta tell 'em, "No K"
Lookin' like a money bag, smellin' Dolce
Hungry lookin' at you like the fella at Chipotle
All you gotta tell 'em when they're hailin', "Go play"
We flyin', you tryin', to get a check sit next to who's buyin'
She wanna sex a vet, never request a net and love Tech for Tech, but you lyin'
Hey, and that's no K, get away and the bitch best obey
Tryin' to use sex to get yo way but the greed negated everything that ho say
And she play it out like exposť, tryin' to get quality time like, "Let's crochet"
Got me thinkin' of chinnin' some underhanded women
but I never hit a woman so I'mma fetch Sole
And then you whine sayin', "That's no k." (Heh Heh Heh)
Sayin' if you got to hand out, stop ya damn mouth
Ain't none of my fault you get low pay
So needy (Ha), I'm on ace of spades and you [?]
They wanna try and get whatever you got
Wanna wear the chain and watch, I'ma say, "No K."

[Chorus: Krizz Kaliko]
No K, that's what I say when I don't really wanna
Say that it's all right but it's all right (No, no, no)
No K, that's what I tell you when I ain't just trynna
Talk to you all night
(Noo-ohh) Can't get my money
(Noo-ohh) That's not okay
(Noo-ohh) And I'm one hunnit
(Noo-ohh) So I'ma tell you that's okay

No K
She my bitch but I ain't finna giv her her none of my pay
No way, no how, no what?
Bitch, I don't give a motherfuck
It's paper over pussy, P-O-P
Celebrity get everything for free
If you can't swim, you gon' drown
Throw a bitch up in the air and break her 'fore she hit the ground
No K No K, No K No K
This ain't broadway, no play
From the track, from the cage, from the swim, from the mud
Words hella hate, no love
No suckers allowed in my cap and hell no, you can't hit my weed you tramp
Wanna stand on the stage? No K, you can't
Ride on my bus? No K, you can't
Why you always got ya hand out? All you do is pout like a woman
Grown man, act like niggas owe you somethin'
Habitual liar, always lyin' for nothin'
Start a lot of shit and be the first one runnin'
No K, prolly showin' hella niggas in the game
Like Jose, AK, AK-47 to a nigga brain
Get him out the way