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Artist: The B.U.M.s
Album:  Lyfe 'N' Time
Song:   Let the Music Take Your Mind
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Yeah yeah. Goin' out to all my peoples out there in the west coast
On the east coast, know what I'm sayin'? One love

[Verse One] [D-Wyze]
The music's tellin' me, "D-Wyze,
It's time to go get yours."
I got that mad shit all city, slammin' down your door
Look around, fuck around, don't get caught up and down 
Productions represent my fucked up part of town
I'm crazy
Cause wack tracks never faze D
My label pays me
To execute and pinpoint
Demeanor rapper under madness and the baddest of two
And ain't nothin' y'all can do
My crew slam mad beats
BM's, Larado's and Pathfinder Jeep
So let the music take your mind for sucker niggas that sleep
I got that bomb ass tape
The bitches hear The B.U.M.s are comin' and they scream out, "Rape"
No half time, no laggin', no loafin', no lyin' so it's happenin' 
I'm nice like Jerry Rice once this kid starts rappin'
Check out this brother with gold fronts like no other
And destined to rock this world for Debra Smith, my mother
Brothers is makin' hits
Flippin' out new shit
Stalkin' this planet, tryin' to snatch The B.U.M.s a fat grip
So, puff the lye, burn it down like Left Eye
You need more than Phillip Bailey to show you the reasons why 
That I'm
Amazin' in my format through life and time
With toke and Henny loc and let the music take your mind

[Chorus] [x4]
"Let The Music Take Your Mind" - Kool & The Gang
"Can't Hear Nothin' But The Music, I'm slippin'" - EPMD

[Verse Two] [E-Vocalist]
Slidin' through my town like petroleum jelly
Hittin' a versa-telly, dialin' digits on the celly
Went from
Dinin' on crumbs to makin' bank withdrawls in large sums
Ain't it a pity?
From the same city, same broken slums
Jealous, we keep niggas on operation creation
From 106 to Ashley Bar Station
Still I'm lookin' out for niggas lookin' out for me
Not F-I-V-E
I got to get P-A-I-D
So I'm holdin' out for millions like my nigga Chris Weber
Fuck the world, me and D-Wyze balls forever
Livin' for today, plannin' takeovers for tomorrow
Nigga if you playin' Superman but faulty like Pizzaro
Give it a rest
I'm squeezin' hearts like a cardiac arrest
Then I'm out The Front Door like Large Profess
So woooo woooo wooo wooo
Fuck your bad crew
All up in the sauce but your name ain't Ragu
Burnin' sacks of cess to free my mind from the stress
Don't leave my house without my vest
Cause the streets have turn to meth
Bitches givin' up game if they recognize your name
And if the loot is right, they pop that coochie all night
On the reala for the skrilla, many hoes will try to test me
For real your ass chill and that extra weight is sexy
Just like Rolex baby, E-Vo knows the time
You'll be best to drop the stress and let the music take your mind

[Chorus] [x4]
"Let The Music Take Your Mind" - Kool & The Gang
"Can't Hear Nothin' But The Music, I'm slippin'" - EPMD

Yeah goin' out to all my brothers keepin' it real, know what I'm sayin'?
Kevy Kev, K.U.B., E-Vo know what I mean? Stretch & Bobitto
My boys Mike and Aaron you know what I'm sayin'? The whole Ruthless crew
Nick and Eric you know what I'm sayin'?
Saafir, Souls Of Mischief, Casual, Dru Down, The Luniz, my boys C&H
Common Sense over in Chicago, you know what I'm sayin'?
Tha Alkaholiks. The whole Wu-Tang Clan