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Artist: The Four Horsemen
Album:  The Horsemen Project
Song:   The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
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The stampede begins, nigga
The year 2002 (Horsemen), alert, let everybody know
When it came, it spread nigga

Yeah, Horsemen, Horsemental, Horsemen instrumental
Horsementality, Horsemen procedures
Horsemen spread like a rash of legions
Multiply like multiplication
Equivalent to the equation or combination
Rewind the phrases (nigga)
Complex puzzles amazes, launch off missiles and lasers
Gorillas, dunn, muscled the homies out of the cages
Seperatin' ligaments like caves and gauges
Don't compliment niggaz, I collapse niggaz
I don't cooperate nigga, I don't concentrate niggaz
I eliminate niggaz, Horsemental state niggaz
Which gets me in a mental state to earthquake niggaz
Touch niggaz, decompose niggaz
The Headless Horseman, we growl, decompose niggaz

[Chorus w/ ad-libs: Kurupt]
We don't give a fuck
We don't give a fuck
We don't give a fuck
We don't give a fuck

Stampede stoppin', droppin', spittin' toxic
Horsemen stoppin', droppin' verbal monsters


[Ras Kass]
Niggaz sage and pass, look fast and keep mashin'
Bitches wave your hands, shake ass, and keep dancin'

The diary of a ogre, vulgar
Fuck snake skin belts, hold my pants up with a a live cobra
Grew up, now I'm older
Life ain't shit, my fights, flossin' and Folger's
Wake up and smell the coma, aroma
Only reason you ain't suckin' my dick now is under exposure
Tryin' to sneak my way to top and fuck Oprah
Battlefields Earth with John John Travolta's
send aliens to smoke ya
Fuck fatty, I'm trifilin' and petty nigga
I wear your rent in my left ear already
Life in the Serenghetti, ya'll low on the food chain
Chamaellean man change colors like a mood ring
Assonine in half the time under cover
Fuck you, your lesbian lover
And your mother with the same rubber
Ras is Pestilence, middle fingers in the sky
Niggaz rep this shit, come on


[Ras Kass]
HRSMN, Horsmen, walkin' all you forty six and spit abortion


Meanwhile, back at the barracks
Horsemen rip jackers for plasters
Put bodies in coffins and autograph us

This is the headquarters for horses
Dip the pork sausage in four different kind of Tabasco sauces
Take a bite out of it, stick my hand up my own ass
And pull a mic out of it, to see how hype the crowd will get
Turn the monitors up, I wanna see how loud it could get
A Horseman's about to spit
Wack MC's, they shouldn't be allowed to live
String 'em up, make an accordion out of they ribs
Get the keys to the house, move the shit out they crib
Trade faces wit' 'em, go home, fuck the shit out they wiz
Find a daycare center, beat the shit out they kids
Beat sulfuric acid out of your piss, bash your face in with a brick
You jacker, you just got ripped
Keep talkin' shit, see what I respond with
Tiger bone tonic, vomit, turn your face into a eyes, nose, ears, and lip
Think about that concept, mothafucka


We the Horsemen, mothafucka, don't forget it
Wavin' the double edged sword, nigga we said it
We the Horsemen


Yeah niggaz, poetical demon skills
Sharp as meat cleavers, together forever
Spittin' like baby berettas, mothafuckas


[Killah Priest]
Bitch niggaz don't stand near me
Ya'll gonna feel my fury
Yo, this is Horsemen theory
Horsemen, four men, eight arms like the spider
Spray fire, lead slingers
Make webs around the heads of niggaz
Cockroaches come crawlin' out of they eyes
Beetles and worms eatin' up they insides
My tarot cards don't lie, put a curse on you
Like the Guru, black magic, voodoo
It's purple smoke, your arms come out
Grabbin' you, push, blast through, your forehead
I'm the body in the glass tomb, they call dead
After I open my eyes, then here come the rises of my horses
Bodies burnin' in torment, torches those who want it
Yo, ya'll wanna battle? In my image I cast a shadow
That resembles a pharaoh, I'm Priest
A Horsemen nigga, Horsemen apparrell

[Outro: Kurupt]
Psycho like no bitch-ass niggaz.
Ambush, nigga
Canibus.. Kurupt.. Killah Priest.. Ras.. Kass
Inate.. bitch..