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Artist: The Game f/ Jeremih
Album:  1992
Song:   All Eyez
Typed by: Cedmaster3K
{"Scott Storch"}
[Intro: Jeremih]
Oooohh, ooh-whoaaaa
Oooohh, ooh-whoa
All eyes on you
Ask you how your week, been
Workin' always
Let me work you out for the week-end
Baby I'm a beast, uh-huh
Can you tame me?
I'm gon' let it out
Lay you down
[The Game]
Let's get to it
Let me lick you in places you never been licked before
And take you to places you never been before
Like London, Paris - see that Lamborghini outside
We can share it, Jay and Bey without the marriage
Horse and carriage, seƱorita
Snapchat dog filters, live from Ibiza
Breakfast on the beach, that mean sex is on the beach
You lookin' like a fruit platter, I'ma bite into your peach
And um, I think about to massage your feet
And um, you got a body, you remind of my Jeep
And um, I must look amazin' with you
Cause every time you on my arm, I got
[Chorus: Jeremih]
All eyes on me
I need your attention
Put your body on me
You the one I'm missin'
All eyes on me
I don't want your love
We ain't gotta fake it
We both tryna fuck
[The Game]
'Member when you used to curved me, leave my text message unread?
And every time I asked to see you, you say you goin' to bed
Every time I hit you with the good morning, you say you workin'
Now you in my living room twerkin', that's crazy
You wear that body suit, I know you tryna tease me
I put on that Tiller, she'd rather fuck me to Weezy
I remember when your +Money+ was +Young+
And you stripped all week just to get the tan Yeezy's
Back when lame niggas hit you with the one liners
All soundin' the same like Future and Desiigner
Now that's my vagina, she told me to "shhh"
We in the Chanel store and
All eyes on you
Lookin' at me like you love me
We can do it now or later
She wan' lick on party favor
On my wave, tryna surf it up
Know we gettin' gnarly, smokin' Marley, burnin' up
Certified with the double-M pullin' up
Tooly got a room, we'll play "Room Up In Here", been here
Girl you know my intentions
I put you on the wall like a picture
Round after round to decisions
Say you wanna show me what I'm missin'
All the lights low, but we lit up
I don't let you down if I get up
Like you got a man, but you're fed up
But you know when we get together
[The Game]
You want me to say your name huh?
All eyes on me...
All eyes on me...