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Artist: The Game f/ Jason Derulo
Album:  1992
Song:   Baby You
Typed by: Cedmaster3K
"Baby, baby"
"Baby you" (ayyy)
[The Game]
Baby you know you got me goin' crazy
You run around my head like these waves
Yeah, baby you, you know that you the one that I adore
The one I introduced to Tom Ford at dinner
That was you, you'se the one I fell in love with
The one I move these drugs with but now you on some fuck shit
Anybody but you, I ain't figured that you would be the one to cut me
Leave me on the floor fuckin' bloody
Goddamn, baby you, you had me fooled the whole time
Now you got me in King of Diamonds givin' these hoes time
Girl, baby you, I can't blame you though
When you see the door, you see the door
Now listen, baby you
[Chorus: Jason Derulo]
And every time I decide to leave you all in the past
Baby I be, thinkin' 'bout you on the long driiive, yeah
And you ain't no one make me feel unsatisfied, no, uh
But baby yooou, you got me goin', uh
But you got me goin', you got me goin', uh
But you got me, you got me, you got me, you got me, you got me, yeah-ohh, uh
You got me, you got me, you got me, you got me, you got me
Baby yooou yeah, ohh
[The Game]
Tell me how you think we livin' how we live?
Like you the one that put us in these cribs, not me but baby you
Like I ain't gettin' money for these shows
I guess you think I'm trippin' on these hoes, they fans but look at you
Who in them Celine bags? Who in them Giuseppes?
Louboutins, wanna bet me? I win cause it's you
You begged me to get on that show
I ain't want it but you did, I'm a real nigga, I did it for you
You don't see Swizz and Alicia
Kim K and Kanye arguin' all the time, it's just you
I begged you to marry me
Half a million dollars out my safe down the drain but fuck it cause that was you
Damn we got some beautiful kids
But you never say it something we did, I guess your baby daddy you
Regardless of the shit we go through
I got Jason in the booth, 2 A.M. singin' shit about you
[Jason Derulo]
Blood is money and I spent it on ya
Ain't it funny how it ended up in?
You said you'd go down for the last time
But we both know it's not the last but I saved mine, uh
Long as you goin' down
I'ma tell you what you want to hear, uh
Well you got me, you got me, you got me
You got me, you got me yeah-ohh
I'ma tell you baby - you got me, you got me, you got me
You got me, you got me - you got me, you get me
What you need a ring for?
When you got me baby
Yeah, yeah
Don't listen to what your friends say
Don't listen to what, the people saaay
Don't listen to the blogs baby
Cause they full of shit, ohh, oooohhh~!
Ooh-ooohh~! Hey {"Baby you"}
Yeah baby, yeah baby {"Baby"}
{"Baby you (ayyy)"}