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Artist: The Game
Album:  1992
Song:   Fuck Orange Juice
Typed by: Cedmaster3K
[Chorus: The Game]
These white people votin' for Trump
But they don't give a fuck about OJ
I watch the nigga whole TV show
And still don't give a fuck about OJ...
And don't go out like OJ
Beat a murder, went to jail for some football cards
I can't go out like OJ
[The Game]
White Bronco through the city like El Chapo
Gettin' my dick sucked as I pull up in Del Taco
It's the coach, you the presence of the ghost
Nigga say he can outrap me? I D.O.C his throat
Fuck him, guns, I tuck 'em, bitches, I bust 'em
My niggas kidnap kids like Ciara and Russell, uhh
That ain't no future for me, now come and touch mine
Your whole family tree'll get flatlined
Face off, twin Desert Eagles crack spines
I ain't +Jokin'+ so keep playin' on the Batline
This ain't Gotham, this is Compton nigga
We mix Red Bulls with vodka nigga
We blow chronic and sleep with monsters nigga
Tryna be conscious, get left unconscious nigga
And we got rocket launchers nigga
Ain't never been to Iraq, the government sponsor niggas
You see