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Artist: The Game f/ Lorine Chia
Album:  1992
Song:   The Soundtrack
Typed by: Cedmaster3K
[Chorus: Lorine Chia]
Cars drive by, in the night
So much sound, comin' from inside
Red, blue flags, hangin' from the side
So much time, went passin' by
The soundtrack to the ghetto was "The Chronic"
The soundtrack to the ghetto was "The Chronic"
The soundtrack to the ghetto was "The Chronic"
The soundtrack to the ghetto was "The Chronic"
[The Game]
Maybe I should move a little, smoke a little
Fuck around, get high a little, start reminiscin' about the old times
Twelve years old, cars drivin' by with gangsters in it
You ain't stand too long cause you already knew that it was gangsters in it nigga
Yeah when everything was copacetic
'Til niggas got off them 40 ounces, that's when even the Pope can get it
Chronic smoke all in the air, ain't nobody playin' fair
And Snoop Dogg had all these niggas around here tryna braid they hair
Red and blue, khaki suits, us lil niggas got active too
From Lincoln Park back to the Fruits, us lil niggas had ratchets too
So what you sayin' nigga? We ain't playin' nigga
We kill your daddy and let your momma do all that prayin' nigga
Lose your fuckin' life when them
[The Game]
My momma was a gangster nigga, my daddy was just a gangster nigga
Wasn't for them, I wouldn't be from Compton, I should probably thank them niggas
Taught me how to shoot, rob, kill, how to shank a nigga
Maybe I should blame them for all these cases when I done banked a nigga
AKs out of M3's, prostitutes on bent knees
Gun shots on Greenleaf, all these 64s, no Bentleys nigga
Euros on Cutlasses, you can't rent these niggas
Bout to do a drive-by tonight, that's why we tint these nigga
Heard shots rang out just ridin' on my ten speed
Seen the windows down and the bitch squeezed, nigga almost died tryna get some weed
So don't be fooled by the palm trees, this Compton nigga, that 310
That 213, we on Death Row, ain't no one escape unless you D-R-E
And that's how I felt when them