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Artist: The Game
Album:  1992
Song:   True Colors
Typed by: Cedmaster3K
[Intro: Ice T sample]
I am a night-mare walkin', psychopath talkin'
King of my jungle, just a gangster stalkin'
Livin' life like a firecracker, quick is my fuse
Then dead as a death pack, the colors I choose
Red or blue, cuz or blood, it just don't matter"
{"Bongo By The Way"}
[The Game]
My daddy was from Nutty Blocc, my uncle was from Nutty Blocc
My momma was from Hoover, how she end up here cuttin' rock?
Four year old on her lap, that was my older sister
Photos of Tookie and my father, now you get the picture
Cutlass outside on D's, you think it wasn't
Fifteen inches, had "Computer Love" subbin'
My parents 'bout to see "Rocky" at the Compton Drive-In
Halfway through the movie, her stomach start throbbin'
My pops start panickin' - moms in the passenger seat
scared of contractions so she's stiff as a mannequin
Pops put the car in reverse and then skrt'd out
"Drive motherfucker", them the words my mom skrt'd out
80 down Wilmington, pull up at Killer King
Rush my momma to her room and let the doctor do his thing
Was a whole lotta blood, yeah I was born in it
Gang bangin' my family got torn in it
All over
[Chorus One]
"Colors, colors, colors, colors, colors"
"My colors, colors, colors, colors, colors" (yeeah boy!)
"Colors, colors, colors, colors, colors"
"My colors, colors, colors, colors, colors" (yeeah boy!)
[The Game]
Jordan got drafted to the Bulls, '85 here
My uncle Greg sniffin' cocaine off my high chair
Momma in the kitchen cookin', pops on the couch baggin'
Cousin's loadin' Louie Vuitton duffles in the station wagon
Fiends walkin' in and out my house in old Nikes
Pops used to tell me "Son, don't you ever be like me
The Bloods want to kill me, the cops'll never catch me
And when you gang bangin', life's shorter than Joe Pesci"'
Then one night my pops came home off heroin
Shit changed, I'm glad my momma didn't marry him
Molested my sister that night cause she was scared
I was too young to help her and my brothers wasn't there
It was late night, 2 A.M., my mother at work
My sister came back up the stairs and it was blood on her shirt
Blood on her face, blood on her hands, blood on her legs
Turned on the light and everything was red
I'm surrounded by
[Chorus One]
[The Game]
Seven years passed now a lil nigga seein' things
Playin' with them birds like Magic, we was the Dream Team
Posted up on the block, I had that Hakeem lean
Watchin' '6-4s hop, my nigga, no green screen
Walkin' from the 'Tanas to the Cedars with my eyes closed
Red bandana in my pocket, how you hide those?
Larry Nickel's crack spot, my brother got me servin'
Couldn't cook, burnin' holes in my Dennis Rodman jersey
Then a nigga turned Pippen on these niggas, 40 sippin' on these niggas
If you Crippin', we was trippin' on you nigga
But the Crips would never lay down, they thought that it was they town
We thought it was ours so we would empty out the trey pounds
Ditched school especially since it was an all Crip school
I'm lucky I'm alive but would you be if bullets hit you?
Twenty-six dead homies and two dead brothers
Compton is a cold motherfucker
Niggas dyin' over
[Chorus One]