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Artist: The Game
Album:  1992
Song:   What Your Life Like
Typed by: Cedmaster3K
[The Game]
Thank Dr. Dre for givin' me a chance
Thank that big booty bitch Maliah for that freaky dance
she gave me last night, jump in a 'Rari
Pull up to her crib and hit that pussy like a crack pipe
I listen to Dipset, want Cam and Jim to squash it
But how can I say that when I ain't made up with Fif' yet?
I be watching "Power", while I bench press
Four plates on each side, maxed out, 6 reps
On my Drizzy Drake, yeah 6 rep
Rollie with the grizzly face, Mike Conley, is he straight?
Damn right he is
I go platinum and I violate niggas like Chris Lighty did
I make music for all my niggas locked up state
With Blac Chyna on they walls and now they seen a fuck face
Quarter million on the dresser, nigga what safe?
Trigger my alarm and you gon' run into some duct tape
[Chorus: The Game]
I'm still here, they said I wasn't welcome
Came in the game and then everybody felt him
What your life like? Mine's 'bout gettin' money and bitches
6-4's and switches, poppin' guns with my niggas
What your life like? Mine's 'bout listenin' to "Illmatic"
In my grandmother's attic tryna spit above average
What your life like? Mine's 'bout sheddin' tears when Pac died
Swimmin' in money like the Rothschilds
Nigga what your life like? ...
Nigga what your life like? ...
Tell me what your life like
[The Game]
I done have conversations with Timbo
Passed on a couple Pharrell and Swizz instrumentals
I done wore a two-piece tux on Jimmy Kimmel
Then came to the hood and whopped your ass like I was Kimbo
I done lost 20 millions on lawyer fees
But I'ma get it back when I sue Jimmy for my royalties
I done had Scott Storch recordin' me
Drove through Compton with the doors up, ain't no ignornin' me
I done took shots at Jay, I done took shots of 'gnac
I done took shots for Cedar, five couldn't drop me flat
R.I.P to Frog, R.I.P to Will
He was just as +Ill+ as Will so I know how Nas feel
Nigga I'm the greatest
"300 Bars" was like fifteen minutes long, tell me how many times you played it?
How many times you had your "Documentary" stolen and replaced it?
That's that "five million out the gate" shit - and
[The Game]
Tell me what your life like