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Artist: The Game f/ Sonyae Elise
Album:  1992
Song:   Young Niggas
Typed by: Cedmaster3K
[Intro: excerpt from "South Central"]
"So what's up Lil J?"
"We down Ray Ray."
"So what set you claimin'?
"Claimin' Hoover and South Shores."
"We down with 32's in most quads, straight like that."
"Straight like that huh?"
[The Game]
We grew up as friends, we was ten, little niggas on the block
He ain't have his own basketball so we shared my rock
His momma was a fiend, he ain't heard from his pops
He used to share my clothes with him all the way down to his socks
He would spend the night, that one night would turn into a week
At least until his momma got back on her feet
And she never did, so he moved in with me, my momma and my sisters
Couldn't let him go to foster care cause she ain't trust the system
So she took care of him like he was me
Gave us everything she could back when shit was all good
Just some young niggas...
We was just some young niggas...
We was just some young niggas...
Niggas turned twelve in '92, we was headed to the 7th grade
Runnin' 'round, stealin' cars, dreamin' about the better days
Duckin' strays, catchin' fades, tryna make it through this maze
Teachers out here smokin' J's and wonder why we misbehave
Same book, different page, another year, different age
Cross colors, colors cross, bows turnin' into fades
He started Crippin', I started Bloodin'
Now we walkin' through the halls of school like we don't even know each other
Young niggas
[Chorus: Sonyae Elise]
Young niggas, out in these streets, yeah
All in these streets to feed, yeah
Lord knows I don't want no enemies, yeah
Young niggas in these, ohh
[The Game - over Chorus]
We was just some young niggas
Young niggas
[The Game]
Started off as brothers but sometimes shit fall apart
How can I hate this nigga with all this love up in my heart?
With this nigga mean muggin' every time we in the class
Nigga tuck that blue rag or I'ma beat your fuckin' ass
Guess my mind gone, caught him after school, he ain't had no ride home
Still got that rag hangin', that's what got him fired on
He pulled the strap, so I pistol whipped him with the chrome
Wasn't tryna kill him, coulda pulled the trigger
I was just a young nigga
[The Game - over Chorus]
Just a young nigga
Just a young nigga
I was just a young nigga
[The Game]
Whooped my nigga ass, he ain't take it on the chin
Rumor startin' to spread, guess it's on when I see him
Two weeks pass and graduation came around
I was walkin' through the choir, .45 under my gown
Had to take a leak, so I headed to the bathroom
Corner of my eye, seen him comin' out the class room
We exchanged words, so I cocked the 45th
He shot, I shot back, thank God I ain't get hit
But damn I miss my young nigga
[Chorus] w/ ad-libs
[The Game - over Chorus]
I miss my young nigga
My young nigga
[Outro: Sonyae Elise]
Young niggas, young niggas, young niggas
I ain't the one nigga
Damn I miss my young nigga