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Artist: The Game f/ Anderson .Paak, Sonyae
Album:  The Documentary 2.5
Song:   Crenshaw
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[Intro: Anderson .Paak] + (Sonyae)
Hah shit yeah, say, what you hittin man?
You motherfuckers ain't goin nowhere man
Hey you know I was tryin to do my thing man (ahhhh)
Ah shit yeah ('6-4 Impala)
Go 'head, we ain't tryin to hurt nobody man we just
NO! (yeahhh)
You might just catch us dippin though
Shit yeah, say, yo where you goin man?
Ohh, hey, MY GOD!
Uh, uh, SAY!

[Chorus: Anderson .Paak] + (Sonyae)
You can me catch rollin down Crenshaw (Crenshaw)
Is that a motherfuckin Impala? (Bitch yeah)
Magazine on my lap, I'm rollin indo (indo?)
Gang signs, watch us throw 'em out the window
Gang signs, watch us throw 'em out the window
Gang signs, watch us throw 'em out the window
Gang signs, watch us throw 'em out the window
Gang signs, watch us throw 'em out the window
Gang signs

[The Game]
Parked at the light, give a fuck about a bitch nigga
Only nigga worth six figures that still click triggers
On my way to LAX, fuck the freeway
Ridin through South Central in the 'Wood like I should
But I'm a Compton nigga, Westside monster nigga
You should know by now, I fuck with all kinds of niggaz
Call Big U and we gon' see 'bout that vagina in you
You don't bang huh? Yeah, that's that out-of-towner in you
My niggaz eat late night, Mel's Diner menu
You a shooter? Better have that North Carolina in you
I had wolves in all kind of venues
Dub's show I let the snub show, shall I continue?
Fuckin niggaz up, like it's '05
Like Dre just listened to my whole demo and co-signed
Talkin out your neck gets you buried in no time
I heard you niggaz lookin for me, Blood


[The Game]
Nip be where the Crips be, Skeme be where the Bloods be
Nigga I'm with the shit, give a fuck if niggaz Cuz me
Say the wrong things wrong time, get a Blood beef
Same color rag, still layin where the subs be
{*commotion*} Naw, fuck that nigga
I'll have a prostitute open the trunk and cut that nigga
I'll have a couple crooked cops, come and touch that nigga
Then get a bully in the pen to come and FUCK that nigga
Life is crazy, huh, yeah my life is crazy
Don't let Calabasas fool you, I'll kill you baby
Bury you in my back yard, shit I'm sittin on five acres
You wanna go to war? I got the paper
Nigga wanna fade? I got the taper
Nigga wanna shoot? I got the laser
Any bitch that wanna fuck, I gotta take it
And I don't put no tints on my whip
One strap, full clip, nigga