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Artist: The Game
Album:  The Documentary 2
Song:   The Documentary 2
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[Intro/Interlude: scratched samples by DJ Premier]
"The, the Doc, th-th, the Doc"
"The, the, the Documentary" - "2!"
"The-the-the-the Documentary" - "2!"
"Damn it, I done did it again"
"Game's still in Cali"
"Game's still in Cali eatin off 'The Documentary'"
"The Doc, the, the, Documentary" - "2!"
"Damn it, I done did it again"

[The Game]
Yo what it do blood?

[Chorus: The Game]
Talk of the town
Premo, Doc Dre, still holdin it down
Aftermath, do the math, nigga you know the sound
"Doc 2" thought you knew, still holdin the crown
Yo what it do blood? Talk of the town
Premo, Doc Dre, still holdin it down
Aftermath, do the math, nigga you know the sound
"Doc 2" thought you knew, still holdin the crown

[The Game]
Last ten been on ten
Make it look easy, my pen been on Ren
My niggaz been on kush, my bitches been on X
King of California give a fuck who got next
I'm right now, bump your gums and the ratchet'll shoot ya
Send yo' ass +Back to the Future+
No DeLorean, Aventador and shit bumpin Future
Whie your girl pullin on my hookah
Money stretch like Karma Sutra, started with the roosters
Then I start spittin clean, the money like a loofah
6'5", tall like a hooper
Ball like a hooper, on the floor like a hooper
So I must be Clay with the .38, Thompson with the Thompson
Everything about me Compton
I mean, everything about me Bompton
I ain't never have shit, I grew up like Magic Johnson
Yo what it do blood?


[The Game]
I taught myself how to spit from listenin to "It Was Written"
My first bars wasn't dope but I had that in the kitchen
Suge wouldn't listen, Irv wouldn't listen
So I ran around with Diddy, Aftermath in the mission
I would never ask another man for permission, I do me
Fuck the Illuminati, I'd rather ride around in hoopties
But now it's the Ghost, my gold D's is two-three's
Still hop in the freestyle, kick it like two Bruce Lee's
Cut open the noose leaves
Foreign on the +Hill+ like it's Lauryn, smokin la-la like The Fugees
Thinkin to myself, is it God or Lucy? Prada or Gucci?
Poppin +Cris+, Rihanna, Karrueche
Homie I ain't gotta gas, I'm so ahead of you fags
The shit I spit off Premo tracks burn confederate flags
Take the roof off roof, gimme Proof back, and 2Pac
Westside, but you already knew that
So what it do blood?


[The Game]
I've been rappin for twelve years, six months, sixteen days
Now I'm a veteran, spit a 16 sixteen ways
Sixteen in a clip, spit it sixteen ways
I know six teens, pull up to a Sweet 16 and spray
I'm like sixteen Jay's, but the B I can manage
So every sweet sixteen is like Duke and Kansas
You 'bout to, lose advantage, I will come through crews or bandits
Bruise and damage, fuck your rules and manners
I kick back, click-clack, bump the Wu in Phantoms
Fuck rap, I only respect Ja Rule and Hammer
Maybe the old Em, I'm +Slim+ and I'm +Shady+, maybe the old him
Or Rakim, you niggaz keep bullshittin like Joe Kim
You so him, I'm so not, you so bitch, I sold rock
My fo'-fo's cocked, been a +Top Dawg+, I know Dot
Back in '06 I pulled up, in that gold drop
Five million sold livin in the dope spot
Back when my first album was the



"Check it out man.
 I go by the name of world famous DJ Clue, Desert Storm.
 Shoutout to my nigga Game.
 When I first came to the West Coast,
 and me and Game hit the studio up, and he rapped for me,
 I knew he had all the key ingredients, to become a legendary rapper."

"Yeah it's DJ Envy from that Breakfast Club.
 I remember the first time hearing The Game.
 I just knew he was gon' be one of them niggaz, one of them legendary niggaz.
 That boy Game, he's a problem.
 I got my money on it."

"Funk Flex baby!
 I dropped the bomb, on every one of them joints off 'The Documentary'!"