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Artist: The Game f/ Lil Wayne
Album:  The Documentary 2.5
Song:   From Adam
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[Intro: The Game]
Here we go again {"Oooooh"}
Ten years later {"Took your love away from me"}
You know what, man? Umm {"I wanna know!"}
Fuck it, aiyyo C {"Oooooh"}
Give me that Jameson
And that pickle juice {"Took your love away from me"}
Thank you {*hiccup*}
I got some, shit on my mind {"I wanna know!"}

[The Game]
My lil' nigga Frog dead dawg
They shot my lil' nigga in his head dawg
You heard what the fuck I just said dawg?
Walk inside my closet like fuck everything red dawg
If you seen your best friend stiff, you would cry too
Sometimes I don't even wanna be a Piru
Then I think about it like fuck everything blue
Who killed my motherfuckin brother? {"I wanna know!"}
Who killed G man too? The shit I seen men do
If I told you, I'd have me floatin in some cement shoes
See, Compton ain't shit really
And I've been at the bottom of the pits, feel me?
I done had some real niggaz try to kill me, fake niggaz in my crew
Crip niggaz more loyal than a few of my Piru
I done been shot, had a surgery or two
+Above the Rim+ like 'Pac, I'm like Birdie at the troop
And I can't lie, every time I see Suge my heart beat
Cause I don't know if I should dap him, or let the hawk speak
Wilmington and Brazil nigga, them my cross streets
And who gon' take it from me? {"I wanna know!"}

[Chorus: Lil Wayne]
They think they know me but they do not know me
Cause I do not know me, who killed my homie?
I wanna know names, click-clack explain
I can kill you but ain't nothin gon' change
But I might do it anyway, you're gon' die anyway
I'm gon' die anyway, we can go any day
It can be any day, but for you
Today is the day, today is the day, yeah

[The Game]
I was playin Madden then I heard a knock
Everybody know I got shot but this for niggaz that forgot
Sometimes I thank God, that I got set up
When you're shot twice in the chest it's kinda hard to keep your head up
Suspect one, the homies never came to see me
Suspect two, Red hid my gun behind the TV
Suspect three, I was beefin with this Crip in my apartment
Shit started cause we fought, and he couldn't see me
There's usually ten niggaz in our dope spot
Cold ass night, I'm like a janitor at Wingstop
I usually play Xbox with the gun cocked
I'm cool with takin mine but I took other niggaz gunshots
Chest wide open, I'm tryna fight, but my lungs not
Hole in my chest 'bout the size of a kumquat
I know who shot me cause I shot them, but who set me up?
I ain't trippin but {"I wanna know!"}


[The Game]
Let me tell you how I met my nigga Wack
Shit, he ain't always have a nigga back
When I met him, he was standin behind Suge
And everything is all good, when you bangin for your hood
Compton, that nigga Wack got my number and came through
Now let me tell you the type of shit The Game do
He walked in the booth where I was spittin
Gave him ten thousand, couldn't even finish his fuckin sentence
I ain't owe him shit
But real recognize real, now we like two red-nosed Pits
Cross him, you gotta cross me
And don't forget about where my nigga A.R. be
He be in the cut, that nigga nuts, don't give a fuck
Love his nigga Game to death, and he mean it from the GUTS
Blood, what's up?
Which one of y'all dumb motherfuckers wanna try us? {"I wanna know!"}