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Artist: The Game f/ Nas,
Album:  The Documentary 2.5
Song:   The Ghetto
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It seems like everywhere I go
Everybody's in a struggle
Oh the whole world, is a ghetto
Oh the whole world, is a ghetto
The ghetto, ohhh
The ghetto, oh, ohh
The ghetto, ohhh
The, the, the, the

It be jam-packed in front of the stoops in Siberia
Same way they are in the middle of Nigeria
Every part of the whole world, there's an area
that if you're poor another day alive is a miracle
The blocks in Watts got crooked cops that frame the innocent
No different from Flint, Michigan
Livin in the D, checkin in with the pimps and them
It's similar to O-Town in the Southern Peninsula
Pretty city, skyscrapers'll fool you
Look through to, inner cities the rich won't move to
The nice parts, they well-protected by a vanguard
The opposite of how these concentration camps are
Low-income housing, it dwells murderers
But children don't qualify for health services
The bourgeois, act like they don't see starvations
Like they sprayin, Estée Lauder on sanitation


[The Game]
Street lights come on, cop cars' lights flicker
They smoke us like cigarettes, need a light nigga?
Used to chastise or string us up, to spite niggaz
War to fight for the culture; instead we eaten by vultures
They mix us like mimosas, hang us on wanted posters
Asked for license and registration with they gun out the holster
Some of us guilty, some of us not
Some of us filthy rich, others just watch us niggaz drive up the block
We think we keepin it 100 comin back to the hood
They think we flossin money so they pull a ratchet, what's good?
It happens in Compton, happens in Queens
Happened to Big L, happened to Chinx and 2Pac in that passenger's seat
Sometimes it's internal, happens 'fore you happen to blink
What's beef? Cops killin niggaz dead in the street
So before we look outside, we gotta look within
Cause now we the dinosaurs, I think the world 'bout to end


I'm from the project buildings, high stories
My story's from valence to glory, dog-eat-dog world, gory
In the gutter, brother despise brother, throwin threats at each other
Broken bottles and bar fights with box cutters
Alcoholics, narcotics, organized
Families sleep from a gas stove, burned alive
They baggin up drugs with plastic gloves
On his way to the top, with his cash he shrugs
Kidnappers, degenerate thieves and gamblers
Stealin, panhandlers, wrappin grams up
Rubber bands on they grams, what? Playin cards and they bored
Members of gangs livin by and dyin by the sword
Block parties, food stamp, debit cards
Your hood ain't no different from ours
We share the same dream, same money, same clothes and cars
Instead we get the same jail bars

[Interlude: Nas] + (
The world's a ghetto
The world's a ghetto (ghet, ghet, ghet)
The world's a ghetto (the ghetto, ohhh)
The world's a ghetto (the, the, the)

[The Game]
Me and God's Son jumpin out of project buildings in black parachutes
Both classic, both ride through the hood in a pair of coupes
Flow sick, mix the Henny with the Theraflu
He told me I was ill at that Houston's, nigga where was you?
Hip-Hop critics sit the fuck down, get a chair or two
I ain't tryna kick knowledge, just a pair of graphic parables
Grew up, spent the whole middle school in the same pair of shoes
Me and my brother sharin shoes, my childhood was terrible
That's why I spend nights on the rooftop, smokin medical
You got a minute, my nigga? Let me break down the variables
Adapted to my surroundings, flow better than I used to
Momma, this For Us By Us for the days I wore FUBU
Havin beaucoup dreams, deuce-deuce in jeans, my nigga
And I will end your career in two sixteens, my nigga
If he the +God's Son+, then I must be the prophet
And all this "King of L.A." shit, you niggaz need to stop it {*echoes*}

(The ghetto... the ghetto)