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Artist: The Game f/ Jelly Roll
Album:  The Documentary 2
Song:   Hashtag
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[Jelly Roll]
Egos, egos
We broke up like The Beatles
Now a nigga out here on his own, ooh yeah!
Grandmomma baby got it turnt up
Granddaddy was a preacher, YEAH!
What the fuck that got to do with me though?
Not a goddamn thang!
Not a muh'fuckin thing, NO!
Big nigga got a dream
Well fuck a dream, I turn 'em to realities
Wake up in the morning by myself
So I'ma go hard 'til I got nothin left
Cause I'ma die by myself
Just like you (you) MUH'FUCKER! (MUH'FUCKER!)
Cause you ain't no better than me
No better than we (tell 'em) MUH'FUCKERS! (FUCKERS!)

[Chorus: Jelly Roll]
Every time I'm in the light (in the light)
I'm in the dark (in the dark) Ray Charles (Ray Charlie!)
Like ooh, ooh yeah!
Good Lord! (Yeah!) HASHTAG~! (Tell 'em!)
What, has changed
besides the whole motherfuckin WORLD?
It won't be long
before the whole world go in distress!

[The Game] + (Jelly Roll)
Smoke enough to get fucked up (get high nigga!)
(How long we smokin for?) 'Til the day I die nigga
Westside nigga, smokin chocolate thai nigga
Can't hit my motherfuckin blunt unless yo' ass +Got Five+ nigga
Bumpin Luniz, watchin Goonies, gettin head on my momma couch
She walked in, had to cuss my momma out
She said "Get a job, get up off yo' ass"
(I'm like ooh, hashtag! Hashtag~!)
Now just relax my nigga
Picture me rollin down Compton Boulevard with a chopper on my lap
Now repost that my nigga, don't make me DM your BM
She wanna see him cause he win whatever he in
Park a Bugatti at my momma house, ain't even payin rent
Livin sugar free (nigga why you bullshittin?)
I'm just a hood nigga, all I wanna do is buy Swishers
Take pictures while I'm fuckin on these bitches
Hit switches while I'm dippin, red cup full up, bet you can't kill it
Three-wheelin and I bet I won't spill it
(Nigga!) Not one drip
Been drivin through Compton all day ain't got sweated by one Crip
(Oh my!) It's my lucky day
And even if it wasn't, a nigga still wouldn't give a fuck today
Don't pull it if you ain't gon' blast
(My nigga you could be a hashtag! YEAH!)

[Chorus] w/ minor variations

[Jelly Roll]
I swear (I swear) goddamn (goddamn)
Believe that, no brakes (no brakes)
No love (no love) but all love (but all love)
That daddy bottle{?}, hella wrong with the plug
Chuck Taylor! Oooh, Lord!
Take another shot, hoe think I forget? (Nigga shut up!)
Cause a whole lot of drugs with a whole lot of liquor
I'm blind and I can't see shit!