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Artist: (The Game f/) Deion
Album:  The Documentary 2.5
Song:   Intoxicated
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Yeah, it's time to wake up
Wake up and cake up
It's 187.4 FM on your dial
The #1 station via satellite, CD, radio and yo' stereo
Broadcasting live from the left coast
The land of la-la, movie stars, pimps, playas, hustlers and purse straps
It's W-Balls, the station that murders 'em all with platinum hits
And this is dedicated to the ladies, who love giving that sloppy toppy
Go 'head and pull that foreskin back, hold on tight
It's the jack-off hour, girl
You requested it, and "The Documentary 2" is in yo' ear
And I am the DJ that is gonna sock some soul to ya ass
Not the DJ that can save your life
It's ya boy, King Dingaling, A.K.A. the original black Spiderman
about to shoot a rope down yo' throat, it's DJ EZ-Dicc
Killing you softly with intoxication
And a song that's guaranteed to put some dip in yo' hip
Right now you're listening to the sweet melodic sounds
of The Game, and the homeboy Deion
So kick back, get your mind right, red cups in the air
Sip on some of that gin and juice like it ain't no thang
And puff on some of that L.A. Confidential strain, yeah

Pouring up the gin and juice (gin and juice)
Got a nigga feelin loose (got a nigga feelin loose)
Can you roll this blunt for me (yeah, yeah)
I'm just tryna smoke this weed (smoke this weed)
I spend all my life
Intoxicated (intoxicated)
And the chronic on deck (on deck)
'Til we spark that grade A
Ooh yeah (ooh yeah)

And shout goes out to our Instagram THOT, Shanine from the CPT
Yeah, she swallowed the nation, and she's in our winning circle
and she qualifies, for that Blood Money swag pack
That includes the Blood Money gear, that Brazilian/Malaysian bundle
One year's worth of free visits to Dr. Fixaflat, the ass doctor
She got two tickets in backstage passes to the winners' circle concert
featuring YG, Ty Dolla $ign, Kendrick Lamar, and starring The Game
{*inhales and coughs*} And speaking of The Game
He'll be stopping by the studio later on
But right about now, I'ma hit you off with another slapper off "The Documentary 2"
It's a DJ Quik produced joint so pop it, and lock it
right here on the station that fades 'em all, W-Balls
{*inhales*} Yeah that's that chronic {*coughs*}
Don't stop sucking, girl
(Everybody's got to hear this shit, on W-Balls! W-Balls! W-Balls!)