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Artist: The Game f/ Scarface, Stacy Barthe
Album:  The Documentary 2.5
Song:   Last Time You Seen
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[Chorus 4X: The Game]
When the last time you seen 2Pac?
(2Pac, 2Pac, 2Pac, 2Pac...)

[The Game]
I know who killed 'Pac nigga
The police know who killed 'Pac nigga
Suge Knight know who killed 'Pac nigga
He died at the car wash, the world heard the shots nigga
Then they killed Biggie, he just came through to visit
Rampart division, Pirus ain't had nothin to do with it
So many niggaz in caskets then turned ashes
Some get shot, some Hussein Fatal, in car crashes
I think it's a conspiracy theory, Illuminati
How 'Pac died and two months later they killed Kadafi
Then they killed Buntry Al and Heron, they gettin sloppy
L.A.P.D., these niggaz worse than the Nazis
And 'Pac was only 25, thuggin as a young'n
Sittin shotgun, I wonder if he seen them shots comin
Guess it don't matter, all them niggaz buried though
Wouldn't have never happened if Suge kept it real with Harry-O

[Interlude: Harry-O]
The way I look at it is like this
Even me man, coming up in that game, right?
I came up in that game man, and I was blind to a lot of things
And even though I came to jail for some bullshit
I believe that that karma had a lot to do with that
See that's what happened, with fat boy when he disrespected me in the game
But I was a good dude in a lot of ways to a lot of people
and so, a lot of people that crossed me in different ways think they gon' have karma
And so karma swings for me both ways
What you put out you'll get back
You put out good shit, you gon' get good shit
It may not always look like it because sometimes there be obstacles in the between.
But I done learned cause when I was on the street
I used to go hard in the paint about different shit
What I learned over the years is, man
sometimes you ain't got to be the judge, the jury or the situation
cause karma gon' handle it's business cause it's fair.

Late night down Sunset, likin the scene
On a tour bus in St. Paul, ridin to win
Don't know how it began, every day was anew
When he was young livin life fast and rhymin his truth
And if crack had took a part of the homie's family tree
The lil' nigga he was talkin 'bout was probably me
And him to know my life story and we not even meet
When we did, it was like we'd known each other for dealin
When the last time I seen him he was playin his tape
Then he would lay the title Makaveli the Great
+Smile+ for me, yeah, it's +Strictly for My Niggaz+
Try to touch money, high on weed and liquor
Hopin God'll forgive us, we been stuck here in the matrix
Dead before you dishonor a nigga when he face him
Whatever shit you dealin with, you get you two Glocks
I guarantee that pussy shit'll stop
When the last time you seen 2Pac?


[Stacy Barthe - over Chorus]
When the last time, when's the last time ohhhh
When's the last time, when's the last time ohhhh
When's the last time, when the last time

[Outro: The Game]
Last time I seen him was in the mirror this morning
Riverside motherfucker!