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Artist: The Game f/ Busta Rhymes, Harlem Taylor, King Justice
Album:  The Documentary 2.5
Song:   Like Father Like Son 2
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[Intro: Harlem Taylor + King Justice] + (Busta)
Remember me? "Like Father, Like Son" (huh)
Had a million dollars 'fore I was 1 - cause my daddy hustle
We good now, cause my daddy hustle (hah)
We out the hood now, cause my daddy hustle (huh)
Remember me? "Like Father, Like Son" (hah)
Had a million dollars 'fore I was 1 - cause my daddy hustle
We good now, cause my daddy hustle
We out the hood now, cause my daddy hustle

[Harlem Taylor] + (King Justice)
Winnin like Steph Curry in the chip though
Used to be the only one, now I'm the big bro (I'm big too!)
Know my daddy schizo, don't mess with his kids yo
Me and my brother tight (yep) we like the Klitschkos
I love you daddy

[The Game] + (Busta)
Ten years later I love you too sons
I'd do life in the box if they ever fuck with my two sons
You're my lil' man - I remember the first day you came out
Your lil' face, your big nose, your lil' feet, your lil' hands
You turned 1, come in the room wobbly, lil' stance
And every time I walk in the house he used to do this lil' dance (huh!)
On the cover of the album with them Chucks on
You cried for six hours, your momma in here goin nuts on me
She said you had enough, I said we're havin fun (huh!)
All babies cry when they're 1, my career had just begun
And so did bein a daddy
Car seat in my Escalade, you want me in the Caddy
Playin "Like Father, Like Son", lookin in the back seat
He don't look nothin like his momma if you ask me (haha)
On the first album Busta Rhymes did the hook
Now he can do it for himself, watch him and his uncle cook

[Chorus: Busta Rhymes]
I'm glad you grew up to becomin everything you could be
That's all I wanted for you young'n - like father, like son
And in the end I'm glad you only turned out better than me
I hope you know I love you young'n - like father, like son
Your daddy told you it was comin, comin
Your day was comin, I told you
Now daddy's here just keep on runnin, runnin
Just keep on runnin, I tell you

[The Game] + (Busta)
I wanna thank my baby mamas Tiff and Eliska for everything
Y'all deserve the world, I wasn't worthy of no wedding ring
It ain't been one day since I met you I wasn't there for you
Wasn't husband material but you know I really cared for you
And I know you remember that time when he was 5
All these tours takin a toll, I can see it in his eyes
So I stopped tours, stopped rappin
Didn't give a fuck about nothin that happened after recordin "The Doctor's Advocate"
Catchin up with my son, cause ain't nothin more important
than walkin inside the Foot Locker coppin them matchin Jordans (huh!)
Helpin him with his jumper, the day he turned 9
I asked him what he want for his birthday, he said to spend some time
So we kick it, that's my best friend (tell 'em!)
I don't have to get married, he's still my best man
And that's forever, anybody could be a daddy, just bust a nut and leave
But I'm a father, and I'ma be everything he need
And more


[The Game] + (Busta) + {Harlem}
Every time I get in this booth (uh-huh)
I'm reminded ten years ago I did it for you
Had this vision for you
And I know your daddy get in trouble sometimes, but I'ma stay up out this prison for you (huh)
I mean, you all my seed
Lil' brother and both of your sisters, you +All I Need+ like Method and MJB (hah)
And I know I be wildin sometimes, you told me {breathe daddy}
{1} (1) {2} (2) {3} (3) {4} (4!)
Furthermore I'm tryna stay outta trouble just for my sons
Even though it feel weird leavin my house without a gun
I just gotta do it
Cause they might grow up and do this shit just cause they father do it
Fuck with my kids and six Bloods jumpin out a Buick
I understand Puff chokin that man for Jus
I'ma do my stuff even if I land in fuckin cuffs
For every nigga out here, without a kid
Have one and that's gon' be the best shit you ever did

[Outro: Harlem Taylor] + (King Justice)
I'm Harlem, The Game's oldest son
I make straight A's and I'm a good kid
But more importantly, I'm safe
Because my daddy hustled his way out of Compton
so I could have a better life
That's my daddy, and I wish all kids had one like mine
The world would be a better place; one
(Wait Harlem, I wanna say something!)