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Artist: The Game f/ Anderson .Paak
Album:  The Documentary 2.5
Song:   Magnus Carlsen
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[Anderson .Paak]
Tie on a bandanna then we lay him out
Fightin over two colors in the crayon box
It's no love... it's no love
40 ounces in my cup, I'm po'd up
We out here killin each other, but so what?
Keep it up and there's gon' be no Crips and no Bloods
Nigga take a look around, the crack game has slowed up
The government versus the people, now tell me
Who rules the world with only one desire?
I don't believe there's anything higher
Rather get it now than to read about the outcome
I'd rather have the crown, than a ribbon or medallion
And all my days, I guess it's okay
if I lay up in the shade with my rent up in the mattress
But be at the course if I have to use patience
I'm shootin a premature dream in the napkin
Battlin the evils in the flesh that I'm wrapped in
Waitin for my eagle but the seagulls are distractin
What's happenin niggaz? Mm
What's happenin? Hm
What's happenin?
What's happenin? Mm
What's happenin? Mm, yeah...

[The Game]
What's happenin? My nigga just died from AIDS
What's happenin? ISIS throwin grenades
What's happenin? White boys shootin up a church
What's happenin? My nigga 2-2 just got some work
What's happenin? You can get it if you got it nigga
But I ain't got it nigga, I'm just a solid nigga
Who run Compton, fuck bitches and flick Impala switches?
Even if I was born blind you niggaz couldn't stop my vision
Right on time with mine thanks to them old Doc prescriptions
Westside flourishin again, this what 2Pac envisioned
Obama freein lifers, that was locked in prison
El Chapo said he ran the world, and they forgot to listen
Not me nigga, one split second, I say "Fuck rap"
And if I ran into El Chapo he had work as one his captains
and gave me 100 bricks and said "Migo, get it brackin"
I'll walk into a Mexican Mafia meetin like

[Anderson .Paak]
What's happenin? 'Pac's gone, Brenda's still got a baby
What's happenin? Lost ones in the land of the crazy
What's happenin? You can have a bad bitch in a Mercedes
But that don't make yo' basic ass Beyoncé or Jay-Z
What's happenin? Obama 'bout to move out the White House
What's happenin? Couple hood niggaz 'bout to roll them dice out
What's happenin? Is you gon' let me use yo' EBT card? (yeah)
I wonder if I could slide it for commissary y'all

[Chorus: Anderson .Paak w/ ad libs]
Uh, ain't it a shame?
Another lost one runnin again
You know, I'll bust my thang for you
You do the same old thing that your brothers did before ya
Planning your whole life under concrete in the soil
Just a continuation, no wonder where you get your game from
If I know anything it's cause my old head told me all along
And it's a cold game, better get your coat, get your snow chains man
It's a chess game full of kings and pawns

[Anderson .Paak]
Say! Black and white squares, just depends what side you on
What side is you on? (What you on?)
What side is you on? (What you on?)
What side is you on?
Yeah, say! (What you on?)
What side is you on? (Is you on?)
Hey, what you on, what you on, what you on? (What you on?)
Yeah (what you on?)
I want a red six-fo' Impala with them thangs on it
Pull up!

[The Game] + (Anderson)
It's a blackout inside an abandoned crackhouse
Only thing from last night was dead bodies and glass pipes
That was the age 4, and by the age 10
they opened up the caged doors and let the fuckin beast out (what you on!)
Fuck my auntie couch, I'm 'bout to take the street route
Get my shit the gangsta way cause I can't be no Steve Stoute
I'm too Nas for these niggaz, I got a surprise for these niggaz
Potato cookin on the barrel, I'll bring the fries to these niggaz (said it a cold game!)
Funeral hall, casket fit to the size of you niggaz
Chrome fo'-five, no lie, come say goodbye to you niggaz
Sway got all the answers, Kanye lied to you niggaz
I don't even wanna be in no Top 5 with you niggaz
I break ties with you niggaz, then pay tithes for you niggaz
Los Angeles king, I will no-fly zone you niggaz
Take a caravan of Impalas and, drive to you niggaz
Close one and aim, Fetty Wap's eye to you niggaz

[Chorus] w/ more ad libs

[Outro: Anderson .Paak]
All I ever wanted was to ride my six-fo' down 'Shaw
Uh, I'ma spit them verses for my niggaz
Dreams comin true, don't it always paint a perfect picture?