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Artist: The Game f/ Jay305, Joe Moses, Mitchy Slick, RJ, Skeme
Album:  The Documentary 2.5
Song:   My Flag
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{"Mustard on the beat, hoe"}

[Chorus One: The Game]
Maybe I should iron out my flag
(My flag, my flag, my flag, my flag)
Maybe I should put another crease in it
(Crease in it, crease in it, crease in it)
Maybe I should iron out my flag
(My flag, my flag, my flag, my flag)
If you gang bangin who you beefin with?
(Beefin with, beefin with, beefin with)

[The Game]
I know, your baby never hurt nobody
But he got his ass smoked at that Mustard party
O.G. Blood, e'rybody know me
When I came in with the little homies

Get out the way yo, get out the way yo
That nigga Duke just moved a house in yayo
And you know I keep gunners on the payroll
I even fucked with Mitchy Slick down in Daygo
Young general these niggaz gotta spray for
You fuck around and catch 20 out this Range Rove'
Mane that beef shit is what a nigga made fo'
I open fire on her open mouth, case closed
Came in this bitch with Chuck Taylor screamin fuck haters
Bad bitch I'ma fuck later, tryna touch paper
In a six-trey rag goin brazy up the ave
What I'm drinkin got me thinkin, nigga maybe I should iron out my

[Chorus One] w/ ad libs

[Jay 305]
It's anybody killa, that's for anybody nigga
Mainline, waistside, Westside nigga
Fuck peace, this for Crenshaw Kings
Sockin out niggaz, fuck is y'all mean?
Low-key's on drop, give a fuck you with yo' momma
When it's on it's on; pop it like a bottle of Patrón
Then lay back with a bitch
Nigga this is Westside, Jay 3-0-Fifth
No gimmicks, go get it

[Mitchy Slick]
I went from won't stop bein a Blood to Gangland
To my dope kicked in, locked up in a strange land
So when they be like, "Slick, why we don't see you on TV or nothin?"
Shit, I'm still tryin get off the gang injunction
Cause when it come to this pen, I'm amongst the elite
You can do a whole damu documentary on just me
Call it "The Life of a 100% Real Whooper"
They did it for the grams, moves and the hush
Yeah dat!

[Chorus One] w/ ad libs

[Joe Moses]
J.M. huh!
I put the woop in the woop like my DLB's
All I know is VNG's and FTB's
I ran fades back to back, that's on STB
And if you claimin you a Blood, shit you better know me
Big homie gave me a gun and said "It better be empty"
I was 11 years old with a motherfuckin .50
I got love for certain niggaz, I've been doin this since knee-high
And you ain't a real Blood if you didn't bang at the B-hive

Westside A hats, back in a straight jacket
Mister L.A. back, free my 8 track
Middle of July, I'm just tryin bring a Maybach
Whole city ridin, I ain't even did a Dre track
Nigga this Athens, made the game mad
So East Coast niggaz be like "Cuz, you crackin"
Niggaz ain't goin hard, as you should stop rappin
I'ma be the street rider 'til the casket
Black run the mag

[Chorus One]