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Artist: The Game f/ E-40, Lil E, Mvrcus Blvck
Album:  The Documentary 2.5
Song:   Outside
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[Chorus: Mvrcus Blvck]
Okay now why I'm always runnin from the police
when I come outside, when I come outside
I be low-key, I be hopin they won't notice
when I come outside, when I come outside
And if you lookin for the hoes fuck with me
I'ma tell you when they come outside, when they come outside
And all the homies on the block all day
So yeah a nigga gotta come outside, gotta come outside

[The Game] + (E-40)
Heard a gunshot
Walked up out my motherfuckin do', what's happenin with all this madness?
What niggaz got goin on to make me jump up off this Madden
In my Gucci flip-flops, tan khakis, nigga saggin
Niggaz pulled up on me, matte black G wagon
I'm like shit, the fo'-fifth's still in the house
And usually niggaz shoot from where you from, come out they mouth
Got a nigga heart beatin like a Cutlass truck
But my momma raised a G and she don't fuck with punks
Niggaz rolled down that window, couldn't tell who it was
Wavin off the chronic smoke, is they Blood or Cuz?
Haha, it's my little cousin Jordan and he's solid
We went up last night, nigga said he forgot his wallet
We was bumpin (E-40, yeah that Hurricane)
(Went through ten or twelve bottles of that Sluricane, ugh)
We had six white bitches and a gang of weed
You know them blonde hair, blue eyes, they aim to please


[The Game] + (Lil E)
I was dippin down Greenleaf, swervin and I seen my nigga E
(What's crackin cuz? I ain't seen you in a week)
(Where you going fool?) Compton College to pick this bitch up
We both in Impalas (make the motherfucker hiccup)
(Now bounce, rock, roller skate)
Cause we done fucked every bitch in the Golden State
Now tell me how many bitches wanna fuck this nigga?
Stuff dick in her stomach until that butt get bigger
And we both fuck Kianna, you ain't know that though
(She put a hole in the condom, I don't know that hoe)
Conversatin with my nigga at this long ass light
Made a left at Alameda, Eazy bust that right
(I'm gone cuz!) Aight, hit a switch and I'm outtie
Back to the Westside, that's where Dr. Dre found me
Pull up on Cedar then I put it in park
Now take yo' ass in the house before it get too dark


[The Game] + (Mvrcus Blvck)
Ooh ooh ooh ooh, nigga hopped out the rag and smelled that ooh-wee
My little nigga Marcus just pulled up from the I.E.
Cup full of Henny, niggaz gone off that YG
Told 'em take a fade, lil' nigga said (why me?)
(If he jump up I'm with it, anybody can get it)
(Mayweather with the right, bop bop, head splitted)
(Cause nigga I'm from the Murda and I don't even bang)
(You got yo' ass knocked out, which one of you niggaz is Cain?)
(Cause you fuckin my cousin, she don't like it, I don't either)
Take all that bass out your voice, homeboy this is Cedar
(My bad Chuck, let a nigga hit the weed)
Nah, take this quarter piece and drop it off in the trees
Watch the Fruits though, tell them niggaz Soo-Woo though
You can take the rag, don't get a scratch on my coupe though
And watch the Palmers, they ain't tryin to hear no truce though
(Non-affiliated, still a shooter like Kukoc)


Yo this your man, DJ EZ-Dicc
I'm about to be outta here
Up next you got my man Z-Boy Fro
And uh, he's gon' hit y'all off with this Battlecat joint
Y'all suck it easy right here on the station that fades 'em all

(Everybody's got to hear this shit, on W-Balls! W-Balls! W-Balls!)