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Artist: The Game f/ DJ Quik, Micah, Sevyn Streeter
Album:  The Documentary 2.5
Song:   Quiks Groove
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[The Game]
You see I wake up in the morning
Grab my blunt and pull my dick up out this bitch mouth (yeah da dat)
I'm feelin like makin this bitch iron my clothes or somethin
Multitaskin, cookin breakfast, makin a nigga wanna smack that ass
See I met this bitch on Crenshaw, she told me give her a ride
I said, "If I do that you gotta give me head while Ray Charles drive"
Cause I ain't, for, the trickin, no I ain't
I'm with my main bitch and my side bitch, I'm feelin like Saddam
They had the bomb - and if her baby daddy trippin
Fuck that nigga, I'll push that nigga hairline back like he LeBron
Make a nigga disappear like J-Kwon
Body found by the Swans, nigga missin both of his arms
I ain't playin, I'm with the rat-tat-tat-tat
Shoot a nigga, if he do or don't die he never comin back
Now it's one, two, buckle my shoe
Padded leather Giuseppes nigga, watch what the fuck I do
It's the P (P) I (I) R to the U (U)
And I put that on my momma, I'ma ride for you baby boo
... Yay yay
I said I put that on my momma, I'ma ride for you baby boo

[Chorus: Micah] + (Sevyn Streeter)
Uh, I hope you givin head today
Cause I just wanna put this dick all in you - so I can bust a nut!
Baby we gon' celebrate (celebration)
You bring all your girls and I'ma bring my crew
Let me be the one (the one you, take home at the end of the night babe)
Let me be the one (only, want ya, to myself babe)
Let me be the one (but you know, I'm always open to suggestions)
I said let me be the one (down for, you, should never be a question babe)
To blow your miiiiiiind baby (away, away - ohhh, my time)
To blow your miiiiiiind (away, away - ohhh, my time)
Don't waste my tiiiiiime, baby (don't waste my time - my time)
I'll blow your miiiiiind (blow your mind)

[DJ Quik]
Yeah, Quik is the name, with The Game
It's a goddamn shame niggaz can't see that we to blame
For puttin Compton to flames, ignite it up, haters knotted up
When you trip, with canker sores in your whip
That's what I do, to protect my party
My goons snatch you out by your Ed Hardy
Then it's back to shawty, all the ladies drink free
All the players grab a tab, that's how that's supposed to be
Drinkin Casamigos, fuckin faster than Grand National Regals
I'm in it in the pussy doin kegals
I'm so Fred Segal right now, she's so spread eagle right now
Ain't nothin but the clothes goin down
I'm in the game and the fire's the same
My music is infinite like even before my fame (forever)
I wrote about a thousand 16-bar verses
And I'm still comin off like this my first hit (huh)


[The Game]
Now DJ Quik got a bitch from the Bay
Say she wanna fuck his lil' homie, got her sippin on that Alize
You ever had yo' dick sucked to Mausberg befo'
and had a Mossberg pump leanin on the front do'?
Treat my dick like a newborn, hold the head
I told a bitch pimpin ain't dead, hoes are scared
So stop that bickerin
I got a bitch from the Nickersons that got a fuckin bounty on my head

[DJ Quik]
I'm rhymin with Chuck Taylor too, he doin somethin new
Somethin more comfortable for you to just bang your shit to
So lady go on and work those hips
Like them inmates work those divs and when I get there baby work yo' lips
If it don't make dollars don't holler
It's DJ Quik in any year Impala
And if it don't make sense then don't flinch
What you hear from a bull that don't chew no grass? No shit


Sucking on my dick
She's a bad bad girl
Uh, h-hold on, hold on baby
Your head hit the button, girl
We on the li-
Z-Boy Fro, yo man are we live?
We still live, huh?
Damn girl, don't stop though
Hit you off with something brand new
A Travis Barker produced joint, believe it or not
Hold on, let me hit this button