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Artist: The Game f/ Diddy
Album:  The Documentary 2
Song:   Standing on Ferraris
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[Intro: Diddy] + (Game)
Yo, yeah (I put that on Piru)
(Put that on Piru, Piru)
Yo Game, let's go

[Chorus: The Game]
I've been shot, stabbed, left for dead
Walked through every hood in L.A., bandanna on my head, guarantee that shit was red
Machetes and them choppers out, bitches with they knockers out
I done fucked 'em all, that's why I'm standin on Ferraris nigga
From the corner playin lookout, to kitchen cookouts
Yeah, that's why I'm standin on Ferraris nigga
In a '6-4, 6'5", too big for a Bugatti
That's why I'm standin on Ferraris nigga

[Diddy - over Chorus]
And you still here nigga?
Let's go

[The Game] + (Diddy)
Ran the West for a decade, nigga, check the bio
Gave you Cincinnati fitteds like I get it in Ohio
Autographs on the vinyl made the Lamb' albino
Straight away in the Wraith, that's a Peyton Manning spiral (let's go)
You lookin at your idol, Jesus wrote the Bible (uh-huh)
Yeezus (yeah) that's my Nike Town rival
Dare a nigga try me now, like why me now
Lookin for Red Octobers, I will tie him down
Stay laced, spit nothin but based
Yeah, all my shit bump like Craig Mack face (HAH!)
Ask your favorite bitch how my dick taste (Baaaaaad Booooooy)
Ask your neighbor's bitch how my dick taste
Don't take orders, I dictate, get your shit straight
Dickface, perpetual Roleys, with the big face (c'mon c'mon)
I got 'em lovin the movement
Beard so long I'm feelin like Rick Rubin


[Diddy - over Chorus]
Aiyyo get off my motherfuckin car man!
Get off my car man~!

[The Game] + (Diddy)
Top floor at the Biltmore
Say they want a war, shit, that's what I'm built for
Loungin, Miami with the eye candy
Bitches names Sandy and Bambi, my exes can't stand me (oooooooooh-ooh!)
God, blessed the nigga with more swag than Jigga, more hoes than Trigga
Trigga know; that's my nigga though
Figure-fo' down Figueroa
Ric Flair Phantom (I see you) all red flannel, niggaz don't hear me though
Spit on models, R. Kelly piss on the centerfold
Ever since Doc showed me a billion in a envelope
Love Jimmy, fuck Interscope, I'm a don
Walk outside naked, Cuban cigar, and Louboutins (huh?)
Huh? Shit on my lawn, snakes in the grass
I hear 'em slitherin and hissin whenever I pass
Ridin with somethin French, Khloe Kardash'
200 on the dash, that's yo' ass


[Diddy - over Chorus]
Yeah, aiyyo get the fuck off my car man
Get the fuck off my car man
Get the fuck off my car man

[Outro: Diddy] + (Game)
Aiyyo this nigga Game bought me a motherfuckin red Ferrari for my birthday nigga
(I put that on Piru) Told me I was honorary (put that on Piru, Piru)
I said, "Nigga I'm with whatever with this motherfuckin red Ferrari nigga"
Yeah, I'll take it
Nigga Game give out red Ferraris for no reason
It was just a Tuesday, a motherfuckin Tuesday
Yeah, nigga said "Happy Tuesday, Puff"
Now that nigga wanna stand on my Ferrari every day
Now that nigga wanna stand on my motherfuckin Ferrari all the time
Drivin down the street with Hype Williams shootin a video
We ain't even shootin a video, we just motherfuckin ridin down the street
This nigga got Hype Williams shootin and shit, yeah, yeah
Yeah see this what happen when that East meets West, we get together
Knah'msayin, say fuck the rest, we start partyin and bullshittin
and havin a good time, throwin pool parties and shit
Niggaz start buyin niggaz from the East Coast Ferraris and shit
Shit all good, red Ferraris at that nigga
Shit, ain't got no time for no other shit
I just got time to get this muh'fuckin money man
Get this money with me man, yeah
So that's what we decided to do
So now we gettin more money than anybody and everybody
And the only color that we really, motherfuckin at the end of the day
gon' beef over is that motherfuckin green, motherfucker!