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Artist: The Game
Album:  The Documentary
Song:   Dreams
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[The Game]
I woke up out that coma two thousand and one
'Bout the same time Dre dropped "2001"
Three years later the album is done
Aftermath presents "Nigga Witta Attitude, Volume One"
Rap critics politickin, wanna know the outcome
"Ready to Die" "Reasonable Doubt" and "Doggystyle" in one
I feel like 'Pac after the Snoop Dogg trial was done
Dre behind that G series and "All Eyez on Me"
I watched the death of a dynasty, so I told Vibe Magazine
Workin with Dr. Dre was a {dream}
I had visions of makin a classic, then my world turned black
like I was starin out of Stevie Wonders glasses
It's kinda hard to imagine, like Kanye West
comin back from his fatal accident to beatmakin and rappin
But, we the future, Whitney Houston told me that
And it's gon' take more than a bullet in the heart to hold me back

[Chorus: The Game]
Russian and this 40 ounce, lettin the ink from my pen bleed
Cause Martin Luther King had a {dream}
Aaliyah had a {dream} Left Eye had a {dream}
So I reached out to Kanye and {I brought you all my dreams}
{Cause I love you, I love you, I love you}
{I-highhhhhh love you}

[The Game]
I had dreams, of fuckin, a R&B bitch like Mya
When I saw that ass on the front of that King
Read the article in the magazine, she loved gangsters, loved nasty things
So I'm in the glass house havin nasty dreams
Good girls never give it up
But anything is possible, if 50 fucked Vivica
Hurdled life's obstacles, found my way through the maze
Then joy turned to pain like Frankie Beverly and Maze
Used to dream of bein +Unsigned Hype+, 'til I was crushed by Dave Mays
Almost let my pen fall asleep on the page
Daydreamin yesterday, dozin off backstage
I thought I saw Eazy talkin to Jam Master Jay
So I walked over, heard Jam Master say
"It's a hard knock life, then you pass away"
They say sleep is the cousin of death, so my eyes wide open
Cause a dream is kin to your last breath


[The Game]
The dream of Huey Newton that's what I'm livin through
The dream of Eric Wright, that's what I'm givin you
Who walked through the White House without a business suit
Compton had jheri curl drippin on Ronald Reagan's shoes
Gave Mike Lem my demo, came here to pay my dues
Started off with Whoo Kid, then I start blazin Clue
It was all a dream like Big said it'd be
Don't sleep on me homey, I bring nightmares to reality
Rap phenomenon, defyin the rules of gravity
Studied all the classics, start revisin my strategy
Cause Marshall Mathers made it, Curtis Jackson made it
Head in the clouds, wonderin where the hell Marvin Gaye went
How do I say this - I'm livin for my son
but I can't figure out, why I'm at my temple with this gun
Wake up to a Jesus piece like a catholic nun
The war to be a rap legend, has just begun


[The Game]
This song is dedicated to Yetunde Price
The sister of Venus and Serena Williams
who was slain during a gang shootout in Compton
Sunday, September 14th, 2003 - rest in peace

{I brought you all my dreams}
{Cause I love you, I love you, I love you}
{I-highhhhhh love you}