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Artist: The Game
Album:  The Documentary
Song:   Higher
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It's not that I cain't stop, it's that I won't stop
I'll make it hot (I do it)
I'll be on top, as soon as the beat drop
I'll make the whole club rock (I do it)

[The Game]
Lace my Air Ones up, put my gun up
I don't need that, I'm ridin wit Dre
Who don't love us, every hood throwin they dubs up
Who the fuck y'all thought was comin after Young Buck?
Hip-Hop's worst nightmare
Mr. Gangsta Rap is back in black Nike Airs
You want war, we can settle it right here
I got a squad, E-V-E and Busta Rhymes yeah
Or you could give me ya bitch, her with the light hair
Sit her next to these yellow bottles, yeah right there
Matter fact I'll take you in the back
You in the hat, and you in the blue and the black
Let's have a gangsta party
Somebody lean over and tell Banks to order another case of 40's
Yo Doc give 'em a Coke with that
Wake up the West coast is back

(I can take you hiyaaaah)
Show you how that low rider bounce off the flo' - You ain't know?
(I can take you hiyaaaah)
It's the motherfuckin chronic nigga that's whassup - roll that blunt
(I can take you hiyaaaah)
G-Unit, Shady Aftermath I'm the motherfuckin Game and
(I can take you hiyaaaah)


[The Game] + (Snoop Dogg)
Like Dre did
I created a buzz without a single like N.W.A. did
From the hood liquor store to the state pen
This is +Gin & Juice+ to DOc
Make the club R.O.C. without Timberland boots
First nigga to put 'draulics on a Bentley Coupe
You wanna peiimp?  I'll perm my shit up like Snoop (Westside)
"Chronic 2005" muh'fucker
Put the purple in the dutch "Let it Burn" like Usher - giirl
Drop down, do the eagle, fuck that
Real niggaz just pull up they pants and lean back - giirl
Make 50 spill his Crist', he'll call you a bitch
I'ma call you and hit
You can call ya girlfriend, we can make it a flick
I got the lollipop if you wanna lick
Or you can take a ride on the magic stick

[Chorus] + [Bridge]

[The Game] + (Dr. Dre)
Put 25's on a Hummer, why not?
I'ma be here for the next 10 summers
Drop me in the 4th quarter I'm fuckin up they money
I don't need SoundScan I'm doin my own numbers
When that Impala bounce you can see the chrome under
I got 'em in every color, yeah I'm a known stunner
When I hit a switch I get higher than long jumpers
Lowridin with a hood rat or a grown woman
I'll do anything - but I won't fuck Mariah
Even if she had Ashanti butt naked in bed
Cause she got a fo'head just like Tyra
I can say what the fuck I want
You thought Dre retired, left me a six-fo' and his Dayton wires?
These niggaz is a waste of rhymin
Doc got somthin to say be quiet
(Look out for "Detox")

[Chorus] + [Bridge]