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Artist: The Game f/ Big Sean, Fabolous, Jeremih, Lil Wayne
Album:  Jesus Piece
Song:   All That (Lady)
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[Intro: sample of "Lady" by D'Angelo]
"I can tell they're looking - you're my"
"I can tell they're looking - you're my lady"
"S'goin down"

You know I love you like cooked food, I'm a good dude
Let's hit the Roscoe's on Pico, I'm in a hood mood
I'm sittin here thinkin 'bout all the things I could do
So what you should do
is play your position for Berkin bags, we poppin tags
Her shoe game sick, we drinkin Ace out of red bottles
True gang shit, fuck with me and you're famous
Kanye'd my bitch, now she away from the nameless
Camera flashes from strangers, turn a Range to a manger
Jesus piece on the plate, yeah my baby an angel
Fell straight up out of Heaven into, what we into
Who knew we'd grew into whatever we into
That's too much for your mental so we snapback that
Game on point like the stripes on my Gucc' backpack
My ladybug, yeah she cool like that
In them Trues, why you move like that?
{"I can tell they're looking - you're my lady"}

[Chorus: Jeremih]
You know my lady always on
She know I need it so
She knows she can get all that, all that, all that
All that, all that
My lady got me goin
I'm where she already knows
She knows she can get all that, all that, all that
{"I can tell they're looking - you're my lady"}
{"S'goin down"}

[Lil Wayne]
Uhh, you my lady
And that pussy feel, like a haven
We can make babies, let's be creative
She say leave them tricks alone but I'm a skater
I love her like her daddy told her no man would
I got a lot of bad bitches, she the only one good
I get her flowers for nothin, she smilin and blushin
If I don't answer my phone, then we probably fuckin
Yah, she love my tattoos
Ain't got no room for her name but I'ma make room
She let her hair down, we have a stare down
She said "I'm glad-you-ate-it, where my cap and gown?"
Told her "I can be your chauffeur, dick like a limo"
Multiple orgasms, that's my M.O.
Haha, redbone pretty
I kiss her from her titty to her clitty


[Big Sean]
Yo, Sean Don, whoa
Look, my girl's sweet like my hotel flo'
From where they ran through more keys than a hotel do'
The D, give her the D now the whole hotel know
Feel like I'm lookin down from Heaven screamin "Oh Hell no!"
When you hop on top girl that's what it feel like
She always had a player back like the field lights
And e'ry time I left it ain't feel right
Cheated on her and she stayed, that's just real life
Shit, cause it's hard when you ain't on the same coast
Burnin bread in the club so all these girls want toast
Hoes try and wave but we ain't on the same boat
They tryin to sink e'rything that we made float
She told me 'bout her ex-man, her old boy stories
And how she had a dildo, you know, toy stories
Don't fuck her on her period, ain't into horror stories
I take her to my favorite restaurant she order for me
Cause she know me

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[Outro: Fabolous]
She can get all that
It makes sense, right?
Yeah - girl look
I'm feelin your style, I'm lovin your swag
I like how your jeans fit, you're killin that bag
You workin them heels, your diamonds are real
You give me the chills, girl you're all that {*fades out*}