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Artist: The Game
Album:  Jesus Piece
Song:   Blood of Christ *
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* Best Buy deluxe edition bonus track

[Intro: Game]
Ay Dewaun, we gon' let this muh'fucker breathe for a minute
It's still Aftermath, it's still Aftermath, yeah
Nah, when I said we gon' let this muh'fucker breathe
I meant, this muh'fuckin beat is dead
We gon' preform CPR to bring that muh'fucker back to life
Now let that muh'fucker breathe

[Chorus: Game]
Compton's my city, that muh'fucker ain't never pretty
Gave 'Pac life, them muh'fuckers that killed Biggie (killed Biggie)
Them muh'fuckers that killed Biggie (killed Biggie)
Them muh'fuckers that killed Biggie

Notorious is, bring that Benz in
I'm about a dollar, nigga fuck 50 Cent
I heard Tony Yayo can't pay the RENT!
I heard Lloyd Banks can't pay the rent!
I beat the G-Unit out of 40 Glocc
Sue me for forty grand, that same forty gets you shot
iPhone in my hand doin the forty whop
That nigga looked up and thought he saw forty 'Pacs
Lookin out of my window I see forty cops
Tryin to serve me subpoena, I'm on this X-Box!
2 Chainz voice, smokin that Wiz Khalifa
Somebody pass that Waka Flocka, let me spit this ether
Yeah, let me spit this ether
Yeah, yeah yeah, 'til it blow the speakers
From eatin Reese's Pieces, to pullin guns out
For that Little Caesar's pizzas
All the way to jackin niggaz for they Jesus pieces
I'm God to you bitch ass niggaz, put that on Matthew, Paul and Peter!

[Chorus] - 2X

Fuck with ME? Fuck with ME?
Fuck with ME?! Nigga you stuck with me
Fo'ever, and ever, and everrrr...
Shyne Po ain't rich, Shyne po'
All the way in Belize with Kendrick's dick in his throat
"Good Kid, M.A.A.D City" (city city city)
Mad kid, bad city (bad city)
Nothin from Compton could ever be trash
You hear that nigga voice sound like a dick in his ass
He reminiscin, a Compton nigga's bitch in prison
Used to be Christian, now that nigga Jew
Can't step foot in America so what he gon' do?
P. Diddy's stuntman, Jackie Chan, yo' ass through
Hood pass revoked, get yo' fuckin brains blew
Blood on that yarmulke, now you really Piru~!
Soon as they killed Biggie that man became you
But you couldn't become him cause you were shootin at the roof

[Chorus] - 2X

[Outro: Game]
I always wondered why Puff wasn't in that truck
I said, I always wondered why Puff wasn't in that truck...
Let that bitch breathe
Let that bitch breathe...
This my motherfuckin city!
Five motherfuckin albums
"The Documentary," classic!
"Doctor's Advocate," classic!
Everything in between that shit and "Jesus Piece," CLASSIC!
Them muh'fuckin grams, PLASTIC!
Chop it up, rock it up
Do whatever the fuck you gotta do to get your motherfuckin paper!
Shout out to my nigga Dr. Dre
He ain't never gotta put out "Detox" long as he got me and fuckin Kendrick nigga
And them motherfuckin Dre Beats you got on yo' motherfuckin head
That nigga made a billion dollars off of motherfuckin headphones
Mad kid, bad city, YEAH~!