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Artist: The Game f/ K. Roosevelt
Album:  Jesus Piece
Song:   Can't Get Right
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"It's like niggaz hearin Jesus Piece, huh" {*4X*}

I bumped "Ether," bumped "Takeover"
Seein Jay and Nas on stage was hip-hop's makeover
And that very day, you knew niggaz was born
Tyler the Creators, Drake, J. Coles, and Big Seans
Time for the world to pay homage
Bow to the rap gods or them K's vomit
Fuck you know about Dipset, you little dipshit
If you ain't fuck, then you ain't get your dick wet
... I see your little chain
I see your little dreads, tryin to be a Lil Wayne
Shit; I used to wanna be a little Hov'
Started with a little +Roc+, got me a little stove
Made a little money, bought me a little Rove'
Paid +Cash Money+ like I was from Hollygrove
Sold ten mil', everybody know my name now
Thinkin back, it's a motherfuckin shame how
Biggie got killed, and 'Pac got murked
Sometimes I gotta step in the church - cause I ain't tryin to go to Hell
As the blood spills from my pen
It's time to confess my sins - cause I ain't tryin to go to Hell
I smoke weed, pop pills
But I'm thinkin it's time for me to chill - cause I ain't tryin to go to Hell
I'm tryin to get some head tonight
Have a stripper in my bed tonight - but I ain't tryin to go to Hell

[Chorus: K. Roosevelt]
Father forgive me
Cause I ain't perfect
No, no, no, no
Why is everything wrong? Ohh
Oh I can't get it right
I always try to get it right

Dre promised me records, I never got 'em
That's why I had nightmares that a nigga shot him
Four of my albums missed records
Felt he shitted on me for Kendrick, recorded diss records
And Kendrick my nigga, put him on his first mixtape
I popped champagne when I heard he was with Dre
And I'm tellin y'all, this true story cause I'm real
Dre first time hearin 'bout it, wonder how he feel
Cause I feel like shit's severin the relationship
The only Doctor I knew that make all of his patients rich
Snoop, 'Pac, Em, 50
Me, K. Dot, watch us do a 360
Plus "The Documentary" saved me from penitentiaries
I ain't trippin, niggaz been disloyal for centuries
Finally got the crown, this muh'fucker meant for me
Funny how you do your Top 5's and don't mention me
Fuck 'em all


[K. Roosevelt]
See I've been spendin these late nights
On girls I never see gettin
Constantly intoxicated
Only God could save me, yeah
With 'em by the sunrise
One day everyone dies
That's the way the story goes
Oh but now, I can't feel my heart
But I just keep on ridin, ridin
I feel so numb, numb, ohh yeah


"It's like niggaz hearin Jesus Piece, huh" {*repeat until fade*}