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Artist: The Game f/ Meek Mill
Album:  Jesus Piece
Song:   Scared Now
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[Chorus: Game]
Who the fuck scared now?
Look who the fuck dead now
Had to hit him with the shotty nigga!
Another dead fuckin body nigga!
Gangstas this is how we roll
Jesus piece and it's out of gold
Versace polo and a pound of 'dro
Hop in that Ghost and it's adios!
Who the fuck scared now?
Who the fuck scared now?

Chased that nigga down, put him on WorldStar
Bitch nigga got away, in his girl car
Put that pussy on the 'net, like a porn star
Another weenie with bread, he a corndog
Put three holes in his head, like a bowling ball
I'm out the gutter switchin lanes in a stolen car
Fuck the feds, cause a nigga got a murder charge
Fuck it though, got the cover of the Murder Dog
I dress up like the pizza man, load the Desert Eagle and
I don't just hit ya team, I wet the whole bleachers, damn!
Specialize in the murder game
+Documentary+ shit, back to Hurricanes
Now tell a nigga

[Chorus] - minus last line

I'm the most feared rap nigga
Like a Just Blaze beat, I'll clap niggaz
This ain't a Just Blaze beat, this ain't rap nigga
Voletta Wallace lost her son to a gat nigga
What if I told y'all I know who killed Biggie dawg?
I ain't no snitch but if I did it ain't no biggie dawg
Cause that's Biggie dawg
All that's comin out the mouth of the nigga you used to know as bein 50's dawg
But I got tired of being 50's dog
Had to break my chain and cut that nigga 50 off
Whole team celebratin, label on my dick hard
Interscope askin would I take 50's call
"Hello? Put up 10 mil' for a real nigga
Drop this joint album, and we'll kill niggaz" (G-Unit!)


[Meek Mill - over Chorus]
Scared now! Dead now!
Shotty nigga! Yo!
How we roll! How it go!
Pound of 'dro! Adios!
Huh~! Who the fuck scared now?
Yeah, Meek Milly

[Meek Mill]
All these niggaz claimin they O.G., my young boys will murder them
Cold shooters that's 16 and they ain't even ever heard of them
I slide through, I get a bird of them and they drive through and they servin them
These niggaz talkin that beef shit, I put bread on it, no burger bun
We walk up in this bitch like what, Roley on my wrist light up
Told these niggaz can't do it like us, CÓroc boy and I do it like Puff
With 100 bottles, 100 models, no Twitter, we come to follow
Straight shots and no Moscato, I fuck them hoes, don't give a fuck 'bout 'em
Now tell me who's scared now? (Now) Shots fired, man down (down)
Dead bodies get found (found) when that chopper clip spit rounds (blap!)
And real niggaz get murked (murked) top dogs get it first (first)
He came to me in the Benz (Benz) and he left here in a hearse


{"Black Metaphor"}