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Artist: The Game
Album:  Purp & Patron (Mixtape)
Song:   Bad Intentions
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Bad intentions nigga
Fucking with the wrong one
Call Dre tell that nigga I'm on one
Aftermath nigga we blaze cuban cigars
Drive foreign cars into the stars
Fuck bitches at our leisure
Stuff dick inside they throat til they have seizures
Hoes down, B's up
Roll the trees up, Smokey Robinson
Start trippin, I like his jewelry, then I'm robbin son
Fuck a platinum plaque nigga hood with it
Bouncin that impala down the shore like what's good with it?
I'm a made man, I wear J's and
I been around more rocks than a fuckin cave man
I done sold it and bagged it
I done drove it and crashed it
Fucked my credit up smashin the Ashton
FYI nigga I got a magnum,
Only time I been punked was by Ashton Kutcher
I'm a motherfuckin butcher
Leave me around anything white and I'm a cook it
I be all up in the kitchin
No need for an apron, playboy
I'm a professional, I'm cakin playboy
The last real D-boy up in this rap shit
Chrome 24s with the fat lip, call the shits? cash
? Fuckin with the bomb squad
Dismantle any MC for free, you been warned god
Church, Higher power
Impala sittin clean like it took 5 showers
Nigga I'm the G.A.M.E. so don't you tempt me
Your chest'll be full and my clip will be empty
I'm simply one of the most raw niggas in this shit
Why you think that I got in this shit?
Paid for my momma house, bout 700k
Can't stop smokin but I'm down to a blunt a day
Yay, I mean yayo
On the block sun up sun down like where the day go?
We come through chargin nigga like San Diego
Seventeen chargers, couple of em same color but the shit is ok though
Cause all my niggas on the payroll get caught slippin, get a halo
And I ain't talking bout the x-box
Niggas let the tech knock
Welcome to the real life, black ops
Where it's still fuck the police, white and black cop
And we ain't killin Jonny, no
Nigga give em an ass shot
Put him on injured reserve
Tie my number twelves up and then I give him the bird, word
That's how I get down, all you rap niggas floppin
Who talkin shit now? only Drake and Yay worth coppin
I take a hiatus, spend a little time gamblin in Vegas
Come back to back runnin faster than five Lakers
So mother fuck a hater and his family
About to finish the R.E.D. album up in Miami
Lebron can't stand me, cause I got this purp in my cup
24s on the truck, Laker game nigga what?
Ballin, Jim Jones voice probably with the Byrd Gang
See the chrome boy? and my mother fuckin home boys
But I'm from Cali not to be confused with Khaled
He say that we the best but I'm the best that's valid
And before you try to say that that's a diss
I was up at Khaled's house two days ago bitch
Sippin on a Long Island ice tea with a white bitch
That was just as bad as Ice-T's, but she's not the wifey
The wife be at home with the kid's
Look at them and see how a motherfucker live
24 cars, 5 and a half cribs, I was spending money like goin broke was the shit, shit