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Artist: The Game f/ The Jacka, Mistah F.A.B.
Album:  Purp & Patron (Mixtape)
Song:   I'm the King (Remix)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Chorus: The Game]
Nigga I'm the King
And I be smokin'
Welcome to my town
And I be smokin'
I'm the king
And I be smokin'
Welcome to my town
And I be smokin'

If I say we on one nigga then we on
If I say we gon' my nigga then we gon'
And I say we drinkin' then we drinkin' that Patron
And if I say we rollin' then somebody rollin' zone

Ay-yeh-yeeeeh (Zoned up, troned up, this is what you want bruh
bottles up, lighters up, this some shit to smoke to)

[Verse 1: The Game]
What you smokin' can't fuck with the shit that I be blazin'
Walk in the store, eyes so low they probably think I'm asian
Red bone, red car, ain't this bitch amazing
Red hot, red bottoms, spicy like she cajun
Red rims, red cuts lookin' like a st-a-ar
Tell a nigga ballin' by the emblem on his ca-a-ar
So fa-a-ar, so go-o-ood
This is what they call me in the ho-o-ood


[Verse 2: The Jacka]
I smoke with some motherfuckin' hoes
That girl so high, I'm bout to knock her down soon
I walk into my roo-oom where them plants grow
She can't believe her eyes, I'm K-I-N-G and I smoke
Just wake up everybody with the Mazi when we come
Windows up, and a cloud of smoke cause we're young
We only live once, so every chance I smoke tree
And nigga I'm the king, don't nobody smoke me


[Verse 3: Mistah F.A.B.]
King of the city and everybody knows
North, East, West, anywhere I go
Used to be the prince, now the king down East
And everybody talk about the things I did
Warriors, Raiders, yeah, you know that logo
Damn I got swag, all I wear is Polo
Play with your kids, don't play with the kid
If you play with the kid, get hit with the .44
Used to be loco
Don't throw for runnin' from the po po's
Then I get the dough, dough
Used to sip bo bo
Move real slow mo
Had a nigga leaning like I was a cholo
Been there, no though
Didn't get no ho
Now everywhere I go a nigga say...