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Artist: The Game f/ Menace, Sam Hook, TD
Album:  Purp & Patron (Mixtape)
Song:   Purp & Patron
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Finna pop the bottles now
Sit back and watch while the models dance around
It's about to go down!
Tonight is gonna go down!
It's about to go down!
Tonight its gonna go down
Purp and Patron Now

[Verse 1: The Game]
Everything is so beautiful, beautiful
And this is why I do it for
Purple haze smoke it to the face, no passing
Need a couple blunts for this four or five traffic
T.Vs in the dash and Amex on the gas and
Hit the carpool lane I got these bitches playing Madden
Rims and them rubba bands
Rolling while I'm rolling and I roll them shits the fastest
Can't tell we're smoking cause of the tint
Granddaddy purple from Comp Town to Oakland is the shit
And you know I came with assorted of flavor, so take your pick
I'm a cool nigga, 100 dollars for half a sip

Purp light it up
Patron fill it in
And we gonna let this mother fucker spin
All in my system!

[Verse 2: Menace]
Ay yo I walk up in the spot, Welches and some rock
Gotta set the mood, I make love to the block
Betty Crocker with them pots
I'm rocking shit, thinking you can top it, better stop, Watch your droppin shit
Presidential on my presence nigga, I should of wore a suit
Kush and Patron, now I'm tearin up the coop
But you know a nigga Bowling (Ballin)
Cause every time we hit your block up, you nigga start hating
And You bitches start calling!
BBut I just laugh and take a hit of the Swisha Sweet
Cause life is like the smoke in the air when you're in the streets
Oh, we're gonna got it in ain't no body pitching in
This is celebration for the gangstas, but all we got is..


[Verse 3: TD]
I said we up in this session recording purple and Patron
All my nigga up in here gone off that purple and patron!
I stopped blowing that purple but A.R pass me that Patron
Tequila got me feeling it, and now my ass in the zone
I got two bad bitches at home
Waiting for me to get finish,told her call at least two more
Cause I'm bringing Compton Menace
And my nigga fresh is coming, they gon roll about a onion
Then yall gon take different strokes and I ain't talking Phillip Drummond
I'm from Philly you feel me, but all them Cali bitches love him
Cause I'm ballin with the king, like that boy Demarcus Cousins
You's can hate them all you want, but you still gotta feel 'em
Black Wall Street Gang, We in the building bitch!