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Artist: The Game f/ Denise Janae, Lyfe Jennings
Album:  California Republic Mixtape
Song:   The Best Revenge
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[Intro: Game]
The Game, "California Republic" mixtape
Long awaited
{"This, is a DJ Skee exclusive"}

[Chorus: Lyfe Jennings + Denise Janae]
Baby it's mind over matter, don't fall for the okey-doke
Those have forsake it cause you're smart and you're beautiful
Success, good friends
The best, revenge
All my pockets got paper, it'll never been a {?} in 'em
Let 'em say whatever they want, they just want slower digits
Success (success) good friends (good friends)
The best (the best) revenge (reveeeeeenge)

She bent over in that closet lookin for them Red Bottoms
She know I like the pair with them spikes on 'em, that's all she rockin
She got that Louis robe on, that thing's satin
And you know that ass fat if I'm gon' take a loss in this Madden, yeah
Don't stop let me hit it from the front, don't stop let me hit it from the back
Hit it 'til you cum, hit it 'til it run, use my tongue and fuck up your rap
Now she ain't goin nowhere for awhile, iPhone ringin? That's ol' girl
Beat the pussy up, that's the hook right thurr, bangin track #3 on that "Cole World"
Never give a nigga problems, got a nigga back like Sean Diddy Combs got Harlem
And she better than my niggaz, it's like holdin a nigga down, what's that? Girl callin


Look at all them girls hatin, look at all them girls hatin
Look at all them girls hatin outside the club in that line waitin
Cause she can't be you, she can't be Nicki, she can't be Kim
And we over here sippin that Ace while you over there mad cause you sippin that gin
How many shots do it take, to get to yo' center? Take her to the bathroom then I go in her
In her, in her, in her so far I could see everything that she ate for dinner
Park my car, hell yeah fuckin right, she a smart girl, she can give me brains all night
I'ma beat it up like a UFC fight, most time that I ever spent at a red light
And her girlfriend's just aight, can't fuck with 'em cause they ain't my type
Get them bags packed then meet me at the 'port, grab your passport, I ain't tryna miss my flight