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Artist: The Game f/ Ace Hood, Meek Mill
Album:  California Republic Mixtape
Song:   The Drill
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: Ace Hood]
Ace Hood... Game whattup nigga?
I'm just feelin some kinda way right now my nigga
Ya understand me?
... Y'knahmean? Damn

[Ace Hood]
Thank God momma's son made it at twenty-three
Still rememberin a struggle hidden deep in me
Momma gone, ain't no single daddy memory
I became my own man the age of seventeen
Tryin to make this money flip like it's a trampoline
I was hardheaded, grandfather diabetic
I was tryin to do it +B.I.G.+ like I was Faith Evans
Praying to the heavens, I can see my daughter smile
Know she watchin now that daddy rip this record down
Know I love you baby, tell my God I said whattup
And know I seen 'em just meetin ends so my family up
I should pray harder, instead I tote a pistol
Speed dollar killers running if I ever whistle
Real nigga, that's just my genetics
Hustle hard got my money doing calisthenics
I stretch paper, every dollar bill

[Chorus 2X: Ace Hood] + (Meek Mill)
Niggaz cried tears when I see my first mill' (first mill')
Bad bitch with me, bet she know the drill (she know the drill)
Bad bitch with me, bet she know the drill (she know the drill)
Bad-bad bitch with me, bet she know the drill

[The Game]
I got a bad bitch with me and she know the drill
And she know my ex... X pill
She only listen to me, Ace, and Meek Mill
I told her tat my name on it,so I know it's real
She know the value of a dollar bill
She know how real or fake them counterfeit hundreds feel
She know the difference between Derrick Rose and D-Wade
She know the difference between being broke and stayin... paid
She know the difference between Vuve and Spades
She know the difference between warrants and raids
Never confuse when talkin Glocks and them K's
Show her the shoe, she put a number on them J's like
Them is cool grays; I'm like - them is cool shades
I'm like - them is Spike Lees; she like "Yeah, +School Daze+"
And she bang "The Documentary" still
Said that motherfucker cold; yeah, Buffalo Bill


[Meek Mill]
I ain't never ran from nobody and I never will
Lunch time on these niggaz cause I'm on my second meal
I just dropped a mixtape, lookin like my second deal
Club live thirty bottles and I'm on my second bill
And I be gettin high as my electric bill
Ask about me in the hood they say I'm extra real
Cause ain't nobody never rob me, I ain't never squeal
And ain't nobody never try my niggaz love to kill (NEVER~!)
Ridin around with Chuck, but it ain't a game though (whattup Chuck?)
My +Black Wall'+ niggaz told me you a lame though
The Glock got a beam on it like Kano
Banana clips and lemon squeezers just to split your mango
My down bitch never count the counterfeit (NEVER~!)
cause she know the real from fake, I had her around some shit
Before I ever thought of rap, I had a pound to get
and a piece of steel, I never thought I'd see a mill'